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Nation Britain
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Kipiscute, also known as Judge__Judy, Judy, or Kip (from his discord username) was a brief classic player who joined EMC Terra Nova on December 2nd, 2018. They previously "played" on classic as a citizen for their friend, TheUnshameless to get more plots.



Judy first considered playing on EMC during the summer of 2018. However, upon hearing that the server was reset, they quit. They rejoined in December out of boredom only to find out that there was a new world and the reset was done.

North America

Newark, United States

Judy wanted to become a mayor in the United States (then run by TypicalFernie), in the meantime they stayed in Newark, owned by Bigred.

Savannah, United States

Judy's first town, Savannah (in Georgia), was created soon after they joined the server. They joined TypicalFernie's nation. The area was quiet and comfortable. It was in Savannah that Judy built the first ice rail in the United States, connecting Florida to Nashville, with an iron pickaxe.

United States-Mexico Border Wall, Arizona

A Trump supporter, the thought of building the wall on EMC was enough to convince him to sell Savannah for 40g and move to the border, by Tijuana. They joined Arizona, then an active nation. They built the Trump tower in Las Vegas there and the Trump tower in Chicago.


Saint_Petersburg, Russia

Judy bought Saint Petersburg and the nation of Russia from Toadally and developed the land quietly for a few months.

North America

New Orleans, Confederacy

Eventually, Judy was bored of Russia and moved to Louisiana where they created New Orleans and the Confederacy while the United States was declining. Judy became inactive at this time. As leader of the Confederacy, they joined and became friends with Somerset/Foedus Christiana. They was involved in the conflicts in North America between Virginia, Carolina, Somerset, the House of Uesugi, and New York.


Tenerife, Spanish Canaries

Judy moved to Tenerife, a more scenic area and became the governor of the Canary Islands under 32Pengun's Spain. However, they quickly got bored of the land as it was not what they expected. They deserted the island soon after.

North America

Bichon Frise, Chihuahua

Once again, Judy moved back to North America and went inactive in game for the entire summer (2019). When he came back, he wanted to build a city based off of NYC but the land in Chihuahua was not suitable for their project.

Southeast Asia

Fort Rotterdam, Dutch Indies

Judy began their project on the Indonesian island of Celebs. They built a few skyscrapers, notably 40th Wall St (Trump Building). They went inactive again as they got bored of Minecraft.


Alexandrea, Aegyptus, Greater Roman Empire

Judy's arrival in the European scene closed their period of constantly changing nations/towns. They joined the GRE and founded the city of Alexandrea (now Cairo) and the nation of Aegyptus, a province of the GRE. They became Minister of Recruitment for the GRE, Governor of Aegyptus, and later Exarch of Aegyptus. They built and expanded Alexandrea greatly as mayor (with daddy's money mdr). However, due to losing popularity, declining enthusiasm to be in the GRE and Aegyptus, and the realization that they did not want to finish EMC in Africa, they decided to move for the final time.

Helvétie, France

Judy's friend, Captain caliber AKA Barvaux became king of France after deposing Optimus Trajan, allowing him to become a mayor in France. Judy made a town in Switzerland, then claimed by France. In France, they advocated for a strong monarchy alongside Thanamos and Gregg. They formed the "Action Francais", a royalist group in France. They became a minister in France when Thanamos was made Grand Protector. When Cragno became king, they were kicked out of France due to political differences. However when Cragno resigned, it opened up an opportunity for Judy to rejoin France. The chaos that started from Judy's re-entry vote triggered the First French Revolution, which lasted 10 days and ended in the creation of the First French Republic. They were a minister of the Republic but resigned soon after it was formed to take a backseat role in French politics.

Helvétie, Switzerland

After a scandal regarding the destruction of the Eiffel tower, Judy left France for Switzerland to disassociate himself from the destruction. Switzerland and Germany had many differences with Judy and they plan on returning to France some day.

Burgundy, Britain

(Renamed from Helvetie) After deteriorating French politics during the Franco-German war, Judy switched allegiances to Britain. Soon, their loyalty to Britain would encourage him to leave Burgundy and move to Frisia.

Frisia, Britain

In the Northern Netherlands, Kip wanted to make a beautiful Dutch city, but soon realized it was too difficult due to the ugly landscape and lack of claims. In moving to Frisia, Kip betrayed the original mayor of the town - an action they still feels guilty about. Kip served as Minister of Dutch Affairs during this time and ran for British Prime Minister.

Brabant, Netherlands

Soon, an opportunity arose to leave ugly Frisia and move, and Judy took it to the dismay of their British peers. Although this changed after Judy successfully traded Brabant to reclaim the town of Aberdeen from France.

Aberdeen, Britain/France/Scotland

Kip witnessed many changes in Europe's landscape during their time in Aberdeen, from Britain's decline, French reunification, and the establishment of the Kingdom of Scotland under her rule.

Ranks (Chronological Order for Each Section)

North America

  • Mayor of Savannah
  • Mayor of the United States Border
  • Mayor of New Orleans
  • Dictator of the Confederacy
  • Somerset Governor of the Confederacy
  • Foedus Christiana press secretary
  • Interim King of the Foedus Christiana
  • Interim King of Somerset

Southeast Asia

  • Mayor of Fort Rotterdam
  • Leader of the Dutch Indies


  • Governor of the Spanish Canaries
  • Mayor of Saint Petersburg
  • Tsar of Russia
  • Leader of Slovenia
  • Mayor of Alexandrea (Cairo)
  • Senator from Alexandria for the GRE
  • Governor of Aegyptus for the GRE
  • Minister of Recruitment for the GRE
  • Exarch of Aegyptus for the GRE
  • Member of the Ministry of Arts for the GRE
  • Mayor of Helvétie in France
  • Minister in France
  • Revolutionary France press secretary
  • Minister in the First French Republic
  • Mayor in the First French Republic
  • Minister of Defence for Switzerland
  • Mayor in Switzerland
  • British Minister of Dutch Affairs
  • British Lord-Minister specializing in Foreign Affairs
  • British Royal Advisor
  • French Governor
  • Matriarch of the Archdiocese of Britain of the Apostolic Church of Francia
  • Queen of Scots

Other Details


Nicknames: Kip, Judy, Judge__Judy, hisahito, Melania_Trump

Discord: Kip#4804

Nationality: Canadian