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Kjøpe is a shopping chain on EarthMC established on January 1st 2020. It is owned by Endless Inc and ran by Dalalius of Kalmar, Kalmar Union.

Buildings that are constructed by Kjøpe are usually recognisable by its monochromatic colours, namely black, white and grey. The colour scheme is used as such to emphasize the Scandinavian origins of Kjøpe with its minimalistic colour scheme of white and grey yet with a modern touch to its buildings.

Kjøpe currently owns several departmental stores spread across parts of the Northern Hemisphere that offers various items, spanning across from categories like Blocks to Enchanted Books.


Enchanted Books

Name of Item Featured Store(s) Quantity Cost (G)
Mending Nya Asgard 1 1
Aqua Affinity Nya Asgard 1 1
Silk Touch Nya Asgard 1 1
Flame Nya Asgard 1 2
Fire Aspect II Nya Asgard 2 3
Knockback II Nya Asgard 1 1
Depth Strider III Nya Asgard 2 3
Sweeping Edge III Nya Asgard 2 3
Respiration III Nya Asgard 2 3
Unbreaking III Nya Asgard 2 3
Fortune III Nya Asgard 1 2
Looting III Nya Asgard 2 3
Protection IV Nya Asgard 1 2
Feather Falling IV Nya Asgard 1 2
Sharpness V Nya Asgard 1 2
Efficiency V Nya Asgard 1 2


NOTICE: All rights are reserved by the original authors of these map arts; Do NOT resell map arts purchased from stores unless you are permitted to by the original author(s) of the map art.

Name of Map Piece Author(s) Featured Store(s) Cost (G)
Pepsi sab2003 Kodiak 1
7Up sab2003 Kodiak 1
Mega Charizard X Pixelart Dalalius Kodiak 1
Toothless Pixelart Dalalius Kodiak 1
威 Character Dalalius Kodiak 3
侠 Character Dalalius Kodiak 3
‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ QR Code Dalalius Kodiak 2
‘Soviet Union National Anthem‘ QR Code Dalalius Kodiak 2
Alan Walker Portrait Dalalius Kodiak 4
Taylor Swift Reputation Album Cover Dalalius Kodiak 5
  1. Enchanted Books (Only sold in Nya Asgard)
  2. Miscellaneous
  3. Custom Maps (Only sold in Kodiak)
  4. Blocks


Nya Asgard

The headquarters of Kjøpe is located in Nya Asgard, Kalmar Union. With its stunning seventeen-story building, it's hard to miss when going to /n spawn Sweden. Kjøpe currently owns the tallest building in Nya Asgard, the latter being the capital of the Kalmar Union.

The shop in Nya Asgard was first opened on January 1st 2020.

Enchanted Books are available at the shop located here.



Kjøpe also has a smaller shop in Finland's capital Jyväskyla. You can visit it at /n spawn Finland. It is the first shop to the left of the nation's spawn. The shop was given to ENLS by Riftal, the King of Finland, when Jyväskylä was being constructed, which ownership was then transferred to Kjøpe after becoming a subsidiary of Endless Inc.

The shop in Jyväskylä first opened on January 3rd 2020.

God Armours are available at the shop located here.


Kjøpe has a small operation located in the capital of Kodiak, Kodiak. After an announcement that a shop was on for bid in the capital, Dalalius took interest in the shop and prepared 200G to bid for the spot. On the 18th of January 2019, at the last second for bidding at 5.59 am, Dalalius quickly upped the bid to 200G, winning the rights to open a Kjøpe in Kodiak. The transaction between SgtCartoon and Dalalius occurred on the 20th of January 2020. One can visit the shop at /n spawn Kodiak.

The shop in Kodiak first opened on January 21st 2020.

Custom Maps are available at the shop located here.