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Early History:



United Kingdom









The City of London was founded by GeneralRhombus (previously known as Pigrider12) in late June of 2017. The city had tried to build the United Kingdom much earlier then it was actually created, with cooperation with the town that is now East_Angelica and the Fallen town of Navigo Town. Unfortunately GeneralRhombus had become disinterested in the server around this time and became inactive, along with him London did too. London sat empty until Late November when it had already disbanded, when GeneralRhombus. He had received funds from Bennysifi, the mayor of York and leader of the nation of Britain, and London was remade again.

Middle History

In December, residentmaple joined EarthMC and went straight to London. He built a few townhomes and attempted to remake Big Ben in a spruce log medium. By late in the month, GeneralRhombus went inactive, and consequently, residentmaple also went inactive.

By January, however, they both cam back. Immediately, the spruce Big Ben was destroyed and a massive renovation project was put underway for the Palace of Westminster. Within days, the southern Victoria District was built and London was set on a steep growing trend.

General Rhombus passed the mayorship to residentmaple, who has since expanded London exponentially.