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Profile Information
Aliases President MM1kael, Turanin marttyyri, Tampereen pormestari, Mixxerix, Ruotsin Kuningas, MM1kael the Conqueror, Toveri MM1kael
Nation Aurora:Finland Greater_Finland
Town Kekkoslinna (current) (Aurora), Tampere (Nova), Kekkoslinna (Nova), Turku (Nova), Stockholm (Nova)
Towny Rank Mayor
Organization SKKDL
Political Party Kekkospuolue (current) (2019, 2022-), NSFAP (2019-2019), SKP (2022-)
Religion -
Discord Mixxerix
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn April 1st 2019
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Nationality Finnish
Gender Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

MM1kael is a player on EarthMC. MM1kael has played significant roles in the formation and governance of the nation of Greater_Finland, serving as the Mayor of several towns such as Tampere and engaging in key events, such as the War against Turan and the annexation of Sweden. MM1kael became the president of Aurora:Finland on May 6, 2024.

Early History and Founding of Greater Finland

MM1kael joined the EarthMC server on April 1st, 2019. Shortly after first joining the server MM1kael began gathering resources to establish the town of Tampere. As a Finnish national, he became involved in the formation of Greater_Finland, a Finnish nation. Greater_Finland was officially established on April 26th, 2019, after a collective effort to gather the substantial resources required to found a new nation on the server. As the nation grew, power was decentralized, granting chancellorship to mayors of the largest towns, including MM1kael of Tampere and S1s1l1sko of Vaasa.

The War against Turan

One of the significant events involving MM1kael was the War against Turan. This conflict began when players from Turan, a Turkish town located in the Kola Peninsula, began griefing Finnish towns. The citizens of Vaasa retaliated, escalating the conflict into a full-fledged war. MM1kael and other Finnish players rallied together to fight against Turan's forces. MM1kael was one of the first Finns to reach the city of Turan and was killed in a fierce fight after defeating numerous enemy soldiers. After MM1kael's heroic sacrifice for the Finnish nation, he earned the nickname "Turanin marttyyri" (The Martyr of Turan). Despite Turan's attempts at aggression, the Finnish forces quickly gained the upper hand. The war was expected to end on April 28th, 2019, with Turan agreeing to pay reparations and accept annexation into Greater Finland. However, Turan reneged on their promises, leading to further hostilities. Ultimately, Turan disbanded on July 10th, marking the end of the conflict.

Annexation of Sweden

In early May 2019, Wextra, the leader of Sweden, was permanently banned from the server. Due to Towny mechanics, the leadership of Sweden would pass to the most recent member of Stockholm. MM1kael strategically joined Stockholm to become the next leader of Sweden. On June 14th, 2019, MM1kael became King of Sweden. After taking control of Stockholm, he regained the trust of the nation, solidifying his status as a national hero. Shortly thereafter, MM1kael abdicated, passing the title to mr_emppu708. This maneuver allowed Greater Finland to effectively control Sweden, turning it into a puppet state with Greater Finland's leadership.

Political Affiliations and Titles

Throughout his time on the EarthMC server, MM1kael has been affiliated with various political parties. He was originally a member of Kekkospuolue in 2019 but was expelled due to unrest caused by the crisis in Hautakylä. After his expulsion, MM1kael founded the NSFAP, but he disbanded the party a few days later because the crisis had settled. Despite these early challenges, MM1kael's influence and leadership grew over time. He eventually became the leader of Kekkospuolue on the new EarthMC server, Aurora, and now serves as the Mayor of Kekkoslinna in the nation of Aurora:Finland. His ability to navigate political turmoil and his leadership within the EarthMC community have earned him multiple titles and recognition.

Legacy and Impact

MM1kael's actions on the EarthMC server have left a significant impact on the political landscape of Finland. He played a key role in establishing Greater Finland and defending it during times of conflict. His strategic moves, such as the annexation of Sweden, further solidified Greater Finland's influence. He continues to be an active and respected player on the server, with a notable legacy as a leader and strategist.