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Skin of MaddieMao

MaddieMao is the current Owner and Queen of Slave Lake. She joined EMC in December of 2020, and created the town of Croah in February of 2021. Maddie is most well known for commanding an army of supporters and a cult following on the server. A movement was made by player Fractured_Soul to create the religion of MaddieMaoism, but failed due to conflicting beliefs in the Cascadian Senate. Maddie served as an advisor in the cabinet of Cascadian President Jester_BBX in the month of April 2021.

After being the Nation leader of Slave Lake through 2021, she sold the nation to Cascadia to join Britain as an advisor to the Queen in January 2022. Following the split of Britain, Maddie joined RoseBrugs to co-found the Nation of Wales in March of 2022. She was then elected as the first Prime Minister of Wales in the same month.