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MelonCo is a company based in Montreal, Quebec. It produces goods ranging from melons to potions, and only sells within the region of Canada. However, it does do international sales. MelonCo was founded in Montreal by two wealthy politicians and businessmen, enanemes_ and RonikJ. MelonCo's main model is to devalue its products to the point that anyone can have them in bulk. This has generated profit, albeit little. It was started for that reason because enanemes_ didn't necessarily want to make a profit out of it, he just wanted to devalue basic items for fun. This company however, is not meant to compete with big corporations such as Melon & Sons, and is not at all affiliated with those corporations. However, MelonCo's CEO enanemes_ has stated privately that he wants to see his company go Mutli-National, and has already started talks with nation leaders and mayors about setting up factories in their towns. One such town is the town of Bridgeton, the oldest town in the Canadian Empire and the capital of it. Former mayor, Darthvalkrian has expressed interest in it, but a factory has not yet been built. It is however, likely that MelonCo will expand into Canada and neighbouring nations in the months to come.

It is also worth mentioning that for a short time, co-founder RonikJ produced semi-god tools that could be turned into god tools with a mending enchantment. Production of these have been temporarily halted until sign shops are back. MelonCo is also projected to start taking over many Quebec industries, as many players who used to control the industries have gone inactive. It is also projected to start some industries in Quebec, such as an ice industry to produce ice for much cheaper in Quebec than anywhere else.


Redstone is a key factor in MelonCo's current success. Both founders are redstone engineers, and build many automated farms to mass produce their product. As of February 2020, they produce over 100,000 melons a month. This has led to some storage issues, and so MelonCo is planning to build a large storage facility for its product. There have also been other solutions, such as producing bonemeal farms and selling double chests of melon blocks for 1g each. MelonCo doesn't only produce melons however, as they also produce other agricultural produce and things like potions and semi-god tools for very cheap. Currently however, most MelonCo products are not being sold due to sign shops not working.