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Mergopolis is a city located in the Solomon islands. The city is governed by IanSpace71, and currenly part the Eartheran Empire.


Mergopolis was founded by IanSpace71 after he sailed from Indonesia to the island. The city was originally named Megapolis, but was changed to Mergopolis due to confusions with MegaOpolis, a Canadian city. Several main events happened in the city such as the War on Trees. Since then the city has recovered and has 2 main tourist attractions: The Sky Tower, and the Cobblespire Building. The Sky tower stretches 160 blocks into the sky, and provides an amazing view of the Solomon islands. The Cobblespire Building is the first skyscraper built on the island. Another tourist attraction is the War on Trees monument dedicated to the bloody war. Recently, many players joined the Solomon town, also because of Pansebjorn, an anti-German player who became Earthera's Chancellor. Ever since it was founded, Mergopolis has had a unique history and culture that has let it flourish into the wonderful place it is today.


Mergopolis has faced conflict in the past, with the Republic of Sonlow. IanSpace71 used money from Sonlow to fund Oceania, and later payed back the debt. However, the leader of Sonlow did not like this, and they became enemies. While today they are no longer enemies, they still aren't big fans of eachother.

Another conflict is still ongoing between IanSpace71, and Torrocs_The_Man(Soakato) Torrcs, leader of Hawaii, declared that Ian's nation(Oceania at the time) should belong to him. This lead to a series of verbal battles, and was one of the reasons Oceania was disbanded and Mergopolis joined Germany, until the German Revolution when he left. This conflict has since ended.

Since EMC Classic died, IanSpace71 and Mergopolis as a city have attempted to revitalize the server. Recently, Mergopolis engaged in war with Celestia, a town that seceded from Mergopolis' nation. The war was costly for both sides, and both suburbs were completely bombed thru the use of alts and double-agents. The war is ongoing, and appears to be at a standstill as players from both sides are mostly inactive. IanSpace71 has called for generous surrender terms which BunnyBunns has rejected.

                            -Nation History-

+Early December 2017. Town is founded.

+Mid December 2017. Town joins and leaves Republic of Sonlow

+Late December 2017. Town founds Oceania/Mergopolis/SolomonEmpire

+Jan, 23, 2018, Town Joins Germany

+Jan, 26, 2018, Town Leaves Germany

+Jan, 28, 2018, Town becomes capital of New_Solomon_Empire

+Circa March 2nd, 2018, Town becomes capital of Empire of The Sea

+January 2019. Town becomes capital of the Ianic Empire

+June 2019. Town declares war on Celestia