Mesan-Japanese War (Classic)

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It started by Magenent claiming that FutureLemonz spinned around historical artifacts in his museum so he killed him and gave back half his stuff but he still decided to declare war.


There was one battle fought in the waters between Hokkaido and Wakkanai, 1 god set was obtained by Magenent and stored, another was lost so the war is basically a draw. However Magenent was able to catch on to a certain Japanese trick immedeatly (BTW this is mag, its a REALLLY good trick but I want as little people as possible to know, sorry cant say the trick)


The war hasn't officially ended, however it wasn't really a war to begin with, more of an excuse to fight for Magenent, and not a big deal to Japan since they only lost half a god set. But there is basically no fighting.