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Mining_Tzar is the current Hetman and founder of Zaporozhye, the capital of the Cossacks.


Before Terra Nova:

Mining_Tzar joined EMC Classic on ____ and proceeded to travel to the Falkland islands to found his town. However, upon finding the town, he spotted a cross in the ground and after digging it up, found a secret base. He stole Diamond Blocks, God Armour, God Tools, Elytras and other very valuable items. After this, he proceeded to Siberia in order to found Khabarovsk.

After Terra Nova:

Mining_Tzar founded Zaporozhye on Nov 1st.

The Crimes

Sold 10 n-Word passes

In February when Pirateboss16 joined Minig_Tzar’s town he immediatly got brutally murdered and got his belongings (worth 60+ gold) stolen. When the Mayor of Hainan, GavrilovTheIII, as kind as he is, decided to go to the town and try to speak to Mining_Tzar he too, got killed. This event is known as the Mining Maniac Massacre. Every February there is a ceremony in Hainan, Siam and also in Romania where they honor and mourn the victims of the brutal massacre. It is a moment of peace and silence for families and relatives of the victims. Mining_Tzar, even though there was so much evidence, never got arrested or convicted.