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Moroccan Kingdom
Moroccan flag.jpg
Coat of Arms
File:Coat of arms of Morocco .svg
National Information
Full Name
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Motto الله، الوطن، الملك  (Arabic)

ⴰⴽⵓⵛ, ⴰⵎⵓⵔ, ⴰⴳⵍⵍⵉⴷ (Standard Moroccan Tamazight) "God, Homeland, King"

Population 10
Chunks 176
Capital City
Largest City
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System Crown.png Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

Morocco (Arabic: المغرب‎, romanized: al-maḡrib, lit. 'place the sun sets; the west'; Standard Moroccan Tamazight: ⵍⵎⵖⵔⵉⴱ, romanized: lmeɣrib), officially the Kingdom of Morocco (Arabic: المملكة المغربية‎, romanized: al-mamlaka al-maḡribiyya, lit. 'The Western Kingdom'; Standard Moroccan Tamazight: ⵜⴰⴳⵍⴷⵉⵜ ⵏ ⵍⵎⵖⵔⵉⴱ, romanized: tageldit n lmeɣrib), is a country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and has land borders with Spain and Caesarea. Moroccan Kingdom is officially a viceroyalty of Spain.


Before the creation of the nation many of the towns in its current claims were nationless, which most still are, but Moroccan_Kingdom was a somewhat unifying force in the area it claims

As Moroccan_Kigdom was made in spanish claims, it joined Spain as a viceroyalty, and thus its borders with caesarea were officially formalized under the Spanish-Caesarean border agreement

Morocco demanded land from Caesarea and began harassing several of its leaders until 32Pengun mediated the border negotiations

the relationship will quickly change between the two North African nations

Morocco declared claimed to war on Caesarea in 29/12/2021, although no-one outside of the nation was informed about this.

Morocoo sporadically claims that they are still at war with Caesarea even when now under Spain, their new residents are informed of this to this day

12/02/2021 the Moroccan kingdom

established his government .


Yellow = Spanish territory in North-Africa

Orange= Moroccan Kingdom territory

Green= Caesarea's territory


Fes :

Fes is the capital of the Moroccan kingdom, it was created in 09/01/2021 by ItzVetrex, its population is about 40 and it is the largest Moroccan city

Figuig :

Smallest town in the Moroccan kingdom, was created by Minister Tummy, and it is located on the Moroccan and Caesarean borders as a proxy town to claim into caesarean land


King :

The current king of the Moroccan kingdom is ItzVetrex he founded Fes as the capital


the current prince of Morocco is IlYaSsBJ and he is the heir to the Moroccan throne has all the power .

Prime Minister :

The Moroccan Prime Minister is 7anix he is also the mayor of the city Tiznit he has the possibility of administering All the other Ministers

Ministers :

Minister of Defense :

The minister of defense is Tummy who is also the mayor of the city Figuig he is also the general of the forces of the royal army and takes care of the purchase of weapons and the recruitment of soldier or mercenary .

Minister of Foreign Affaires :

Redkay is the Minister of Foreign Affairs is the one who deals with diplomacy with other countries and deals with establishing trade between two nations, and he can establish unions or alliances .

Minister of Finance and Treasury :

Is the Moroccan ministry Samuske , responsible for the economic and financial policy of Morocco. The headquarters of the ministry are located in Fez

Minister of Interior :

uDark is the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior is one of the Moroccan government ministries responsible for internal security. He is in charge of the multiple departments of the Moroccan police It has its own intelligence and investigation service, the State Security Services.


Even if the great majority of its population is Muslim with a predominantly Berber ethnic background, Morocco wants to be a multicultural country through its multiple and more or less important contacts throughout its history, in particular with the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Byzantines, Vikings, Arabs, Portuguese, Ottomans, Sub-Saharan Africans, Spaniards and French.


Moroccan civil status does not authorize many first names that Moroccan parents wish to give to their children for reasons of "breaking with Moroccan identity." While this measure mainly concerned Berber first names, it "is increasingly extended to designations of Arabic origin, linked to Islam or sometimes inspired by movie celebrities .

Moroccan alcasaba.jpg

The riads are generally decorated in a traditional and harmonious, even luxurious way, with ancient elements of Islamic architecture, Moorish architecture, Moroccan craftsmanship, Islamic arts, Arabic geometric figures in Islamic ceramics and in zellige. They are one of the important and much sought after elements of tourism in Morocco, and as a holiday resort.

Plaster is used extensively by artisans to create real architectural works of art and decorations.


Military and Defence

The Royal Armed Forces are a set of five armies dependent on the National Defense Administration under . The King of Morocco bears the title of "Supreme Leader and Chief of the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces". These were created on January 12, 2021, They fought during the War of the Sands in 2021, were illustrated during clashes with the Polisario (Western-Sahara) for control of Western Sahara, monitor the Moroccan wall. This is canon to Moroccan Kingdom's myths and legends.