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Template:Wabanaki's Nation TemplateNew Scotland was a colony of Scotland located in Northeast Canada, New Scotland was established on the 24th of March 2019 by Aceshooter11 with the colonial capital of New Glasgow located in Nova Scotia.

The colony was set up due to limited space in the Scottish mainland as British forces claimed large swathes of territory through rapid expansion. The colony was created to allow more space for Scottish citizens as well as to act as a trade hub and attract businesses to trade with Scotland in the new economic centre of Bridgeton.


The official leader of New Scotland is First Minister RuseOwl who is the mayor of Bridgeton meanwhile Aceshooter11 is the Governor General who has effectively no power.

As a Scottish colony the towns are represented in the Scottish Government and government positions such as the cabinet who are in charge of certain areas of policy.

The colony can create it's own laws as long as they do not contradict already established laws.