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Avazon Incorporated is a shop chain based on Dildo, Avalon, that used to be government-owned. For now, the chain sells basic resources, like sand and string.

Avazon began operating on September 28th, 2019. When sign shops were disabled, the shop was left abandoned. On December 16th, 2021, Riley_McDonut revitalized the shop and opened it again on December 17th.


Founding and abandonment

During 2019, a gigantic amount of building projects were happening on Avalon. Among them was Avazon HQ, which would serve as a shop called Avazon. Basic materials were the items sold, like sand and stone. Along with that, Avazon sold god armor and tools, dyes and some miscellaneous objects. The shop used sign shops to sell many stacks of an item at once.

However, sign shops were disabled and a major period of inactivity would come in 2020. This, combined with the disinterest on restocking the shop, made Avazon die.


On December 16th, 2021, Riley_McDonut got perms on Avazon HQ's plots and began restocking the shop. The following day, Avazon HQ came back to operational status. Along with that, an Avazon Discord server was created.

Key people

The following is a list of players that were key to the development of Avazon.

  • MattyG2012 was the builder of Avazon HQ. He would become the mayor of Dildo and, although unconfirmed, would restock the shop periodically.
  • Riley_McDonut is the former mayor of Dildo. He was in charge of revitalizing Avazon during December 2021.
  • Matthi3000_ is the mayor of Dildo. He gave Riley the perms to bring back Avazon.


Current list of products

Image Item Gold/Quantity Notes
Sand 1/64
Gravel 1/64
Stone 1/64
Glowstone 1/32
Clay 1/64
String 1/10
Bone 1/32
Slime Balls 1/4
Quartz Blocks 1/48