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Interpol was created on the 9th of September 2020, after word of the disbanded Afripol spread via it's wikipage. Bobberson_ spoke with gorkymoo1119, who was the former Secretary General and Founder of Afripol. They both agreed a new organization of sorts would be beneficial.




After the founding of Interpol, gorkymoo1119 created it's discord, using the same template as Afripol. The ranks were all the same.


After all was set up, gorkymoo1119 and Bobberson_ invited their contacts in their respective nations of Nubia and Svalbard. Many Mayors joined on behalf of their towns, and nation leaders joined from their nations, and it quickly expanded, even more then Afripol's on it's first day existing.


Bobberson_ resignation

Early into the day of the 4th of November 2020, Bobberson_ announced his resignation as Secretary General, becoming Deputy Secretary General. He handed Interpol to former Deputy Secretary General gorkymoo1119, due to him being a founding member.

Discussion of disbandment

For a few weeks, Interpol had been inactive. Many members left the organization, and now Secretary General gorkymoo1119 discussed with Bobberson_ about disbanding. He thought similar to the Secretary General.


Later that day, Bobberson_ announced the disbandment of the organization, and gorkymoo1119 confirmed this. The Interpol discord was then archived.