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Ming Republic is a country located in the eastern part of China, founded by a group of Chinese players who like Chinese history and play Paradox Interactive.

Ming originated from an idea of cloud player Ch1nA_BaiLu. At that time, Qin, the main country in the mainland of China, was ruled by foreigners, and the Liao built by the Chinese people was far away out of the Shanhai Pass. Therefore, BaiLu planned to insert the Chinese power into the hinterland of Qin. On May 12, 2019, four people, CakeIsOssim, FateGate, Yintsuzzz_ and Winterist_one, set up Yingtianfu in the Yangtze River Delta and recruited a number of Chinese players to compete with Qin. Finally, Yingtian was reborn after BaiLu became a national traitor. On May 20, the Ming Empire with parliamentary monarchy was established.

Ming has gone through the tortuous war years and made unremitting progress on the bumpy road. On January 6, 2020, Coup In The Twelfth Lunar Month broke out, and the Ming Empire was reorganized into the Ming Republic. By now, Ming has gone north to Shandong Peninsula and south to Taiwan Island, east to the East China Sea and west to Sichuan Basin. A huge republic was built.




历史沿革 History

建国史History of the Founding of Ming

This section of history tells the story of the early days of the founding of Ming


筹划时期 Planning Era

Early May 2019: Cloud player Ch1na_BaiLu learned about Earthmc's towny service through the video of Chinese host Zi__Min. In the QQ group of the state of Qin, he invited four players, CakeIsOssim, FateGate, Yintsuzzz_and Winterist_one, who've settled down in Qin and Liao, and planned to build a new country on the mainland of China. Since BaiLu didn't have a computer, four people searched the map for the right address to build the capital, and BaiLu never went online. Finally, the four chose the Yangtze River Delta in East China.


May 12: The four established Yingtianfu as the capital of the future country, and Winterist_one served as the first Yingtian Governor. As the founding fathers of the Ming Dynasty, which was about to be founded, these four people were called the "early four giants". They set up Four Boards of Official Personnel Affairs, War, Works and Revenue as early administrative organs. CakeIsOssim served as Minister of Official Personnel Affairs, FateGate as Minister of War, Yintsuzzz_ as Minister of Works and Winterist_one as Minister of Revenue. Ch1na_bailu, however, was impatient to call himself the emperor. He set up Ming's first QQ group, and lead The Four Boards in the clouds.


After that, Bailu began to publicize the yet to be established Ming through various social media(except online) as Ming Emperor. After knowing this, The second Qin Empress XDA1 invited Yingtian to join Qin for several times, but all of them were rejected. This led the Qin Emperor to suspect that Yingtian was determined to fight against Qin and rebuild the Southern Ming (in fact, the present Ming had nothing to do with Southern Ming, which've been doomed), and threatened to invade Yingtian. BaiLu began to panic, so he negotiated with Maxifunseeker43, an emissary sent by Qin through QQ, and against the wishes of The Four Boards and most of the players in Yingtian, he signed the Cloud Emperor Treaty with Qin. The treaty included terms such as claiming vassal, tribute, etc. BaiLu claimed that he would personally dig for gold and tribute when he went online, and said that the treaty would not last for a long time, but this kind of behavior was enough to cause the disappointment of many players in Yingtian to leave. Until the fall of Qin, Ming did not recognize the treaty.


议会时期Parliamentary Era

May 14: In order to prevent further damage to the founding cause of The Ming Empire caused by Ch1nA_BaiLu, the early four giants jointly formed The Cabinet of Ming. With the support of the people, The Cabinet deposed BaiLu and abandoned the autocracy, announcing that they were going to establish the parliamentary monarchy. In the gap period before the founding of Ming, the cabinet formed a temporary supreme authority, The Parliament, to lead Yingtian, and CakeIsOssim served as its chief, Executive Governor. He set up Yingtian's new QQ group, and moved players in BaiLu's old group to the new one. He also began to plan overseas forces in advance and invited Fortress of Dawn, located on the Antarctic continent, as the first overseas garrison of Ming in the future. In the same day, Winterist_one, the Minister of Revenue, left Yingtian and established Huai'anfu on the site of an ancient city beside Hongze Lake, and became the first Huai'an Prefecture Magistrate. Executive Governor CakeIsOssim succeeded Yingtian Governor.


May 18: Chinese host Yan_Huang set up Huzhou near Taihu Lake, and joined Qin. This disrupted the southward expansion plan of Yingtian down to Taihu Lake.


May 20(First Month 20 Day of Zhaoming):With the efforts of MC12369, Commander of The Central Army, MC_Breeze, The Left Imperial Censor, BaiFuling, The Left Deputy Minister of War and FlameOfSigmar, The Left Vice Minister of Revenue, The Cabinet successfully collected 1024g for the founding of Ming, so it dissolved the Parliament and supported 12369 as The Emperor, confirming the reign title "Zhaoming". They formally established The Ming Empire in Yingtian, a parliamentary monarchy ruled by The Cabinet. CakeIsOssim, The Minister of Official Personnel Affairs, was appointed as Prime Minister of The Cabinet, the head of the state government.


御侮史History of Resistance

This historical stage tells the independent development of Ming under the pressure of various forces and resistance to external harassment.


湖州争地 Land disputes with Huzhou

May 21(First Month 21 Day of Zhaoming):LaoDou built Quzhoufu, the third city of Ming, on the foot of Mount Huangshan, and was appointed as the first Quzhou Prefecture Magistrate. The name "Quzhou" was a miscalculation of the geographical location.


Late May(The late part of the first month of Zhaoming):Yingtian claimed southward and bordered on Huzhou. After discovering that, Yan_Huang contacted CakeIsOssim, Prime Minister of the Cabinet of Ming, through an intermediary, and reached a priliminary consultation result: Yingtian disregarded the loss and agreed to withdraw the land, choosing to develop eastward. But it was a pity that neither side understood the other's idea in the first consultation, buried it for the second friction and escalation of the situation. The next night, Yingtian again bordered Huzhou when claiming eastward, so Yan_Huang started to oppress Yingtian relying on the the host public opinion with Live broadcast, pointing out that Yingtian had unreasonably expanded twice, and even speaking ill of FateGate, The Minister of War, and Yingtian. Fate chose to be forced to withdraw from Huzhou to maintain a certain distance. Later, Cake contacted Yan_Huang to point out his excessive behavior and said that Yingtian would continue to develop eastward. However, since then, the relationship between Huzhou and Yingtian has become more and more tense. The three cities around Taihu Lake and Hangzhou Bay, Ningbo, Hangzhou and Shanghai (later Song state), have been in a vicious relationship with Yingtian all the year round, which makes Yingtian fall into an isolated situation in the Yangtze River Delta.


伪燕潜伏案 Fake Yan Luking Case

late May(Late part of the first month of Zhaoming):The Qin bully, CobetKhei, killed people in Huai'an. After being enraged, LaoDou reviled him. Cob got furious, so he slaughtered the architects and villagers of Yingtian many times. At the same time, Yan was also harassed by Cob, so it had a bad relationship with Qin, which took Cob in. They have repeatedly provoked and alienated the already peaceful relations between Qin and Ming, and even sent Dr_Talloran to disguise as a noob and sneak into Yingtian. destroying various facilities in secret. At that time, Ming remained neutral to Yan, but after Yingtian residents found the hidden traitor in time, The Cabinet immediately identified that Talloran was a small account borrowed by the King of Yan and deported him.


May 24(First Month 24 Day of Zhaoming):CakeIsOssim recalled Quzhou Prefecture Magistrate LaoDou back to Yingtian to serve as Grand Tutor, so he appointed ji_mo, who just joined in Ming, as the Second Magistrate of Quzhou Prefecture.


May 28(First Month 28 Day of Zhaoming):Xpfung_YT, Qin's Chongqing Mayor, issued a statement clarifying the truth of the Fake Yan Lurking Case, and said that the three states of Qin, Liao and Ming would take this opportunity to establish the organization of the Chinese Federation and work together with the outside world. However, The Cabinet of Ming's suggestion about expelling CobetKhei from Qin was denied by Qin Emperor XDA1.


May 30 (First Month 30 Day of Zhaoming):Under the encouragement of CobetKhei, Qin's Xiangyang Mayor, Blueraining, announced the independence from Qin and the establishment of China(commonly called Fake China, FC in short). Qin Emperor XDA1 regretted not paying attention to Ming's suggestion, so he declared war on FC. Since FC was renamed Sui later, so we call it "Western Sui" below.


May 31 (First Month 31 Day of Zhaoming):Ji_mo corrected the geographical mistake, so Quzhoufu was renamed Xuanzhoufu.


内战岁月 Civil War

June 1(Second 'Month 1 Day of Zhaoming):Ming's Cabinet declared war on the thugs of Western Sui, CobetKhei and Bommbap, who harassed Ming even more. At the same time, all the member states of the Chinese Federation declared war on the Western Sui, and the Second Chinese Civil War broke out. Ming always stood firmly on the federal front and fought against the Western Sui.


June 12 (Second Month 12 Day of Zhaoming): CobetKhei established Yue in Su'ao, which was in confrontation with the Chinese Federation and the Western Sui. So far, the "former gang of four" group of thugs composed of the PVP masters Cob, Bommbap, Blueraining and Ylome from Western Sui and Yue has basically formed. Ming gathered the strength of all the people to resist the fierce attack of the gang of four and strive to expand the territory, pushing on the first-phase Yingtian Imperial City project. So although there were wars and bodies, the development speed of Ming did not slow down. In the process, Ming's prides, the first batch of liver emperor(it's a metaphor), such as Zhaoming Emperor, MC12369, The Left Imperial Censor, MC_Breeze, The Left Deputy Minister of War, BaiFuling, and the new Minister of Official Personnel Affairs, Misoryan_, etc, played an important role creating mountains of resources for Ming.


June 15 ('Second Month 15 Day of Zhaoming):'In order to consolidate Ming's influence in Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas and form a wing for Yingtian, The Cabinet appointed a new resident named xiao_zhi_huang_S as Taizhou Prefecture Chief to build Taizhou in the northeast of Yingtian.


June 16(Second Month 16 Day of Zhaoming): Lord of the Fortress of Dawn in Antarctica, FlameOfSigmar, established the first vassal state of Ming in Antarctica. In the morning, he invited many Ming people to Fortress_of_Dawn to participate in the Antarctic founding ceremony.


June 18(Second Month 18 Day of Zhaoming): Qin's Shanghai City fell into ruins. Hangzhou sent FLS_WeatTem to rebuilt Shanghai immediately. This foreshadowed the land disputes with Shanghai which happened 3 days later.


June 19 (Second Month 19 Day of Zhaoming): Due to the resignation of Yintsuzzz_, Minister of Works, and the shortage of construction talents, FateGate was appointed to take charge of the Ministry of Works. He brought together the remaining staff of the Ministry of Works, such as xyixiao, Bing_Xuan_H and seplientur, to prepare to restart the Yingtian Imperial City project and support the new Left Deputy Minister wintonys in the overall planning of the project. On the same day, The Procelain Tower, unfulfilled wish of the deceased Zi__Min, was put into operation under wintonys' auspices.


上海争地 Land disputes with Shanghai

June 21(Second month day 21 of Zhaoming)After taking over Shanghai, FLS_WearTem expanded its territory to a large extent, including the east wall of Zhenjiangfu (Yingtian residential area) when claiming the west wall in the north of Taihu Lake, which also restricted Huzhou and hindered the development of Suzhou. The Right Deputy Minister of Works, xyixiao, found the scheming Hangzhou resident Fan_Gao and Hefei resident Gesi_ outside Zhenjiang. Until FLS showed up in person, he didn't understand that the three cities were helping Shanghai to expand its land illegally. After knowing that, Chief Executive of South Zhili, Winterist_one quickly negotiated with FLS and claimed two chunks of land to the east to warn Shanghai to stop the enclosure. However, FLS sophisticated that this was their explicit plan, even though such "express" was obscure and without the consent of the other party. So Winterist gave up the negotiation and MC_Breeze reported the matter to the moderators.


June 25 (Second month day 25 of Zhaoming): FateGate bought Hualian County on Taiwan island from MicroXiong, a senior Qin executive. As there was no suitable person to go to have jurisdiction over Hualian for the time being, Fate went to guard Hualian temporarily.


June 30 (Second month day 30 of Zhaoming): Wintonys, The Left Deputy Minister of Works, completed the final plan for the construction of Yingtian. This announced the start of the second-phase Yingtian Imperial City project, which has been stagnated for a month and a half.


辛未改革The Reform Movement of 2019.07

July 5th (Third Month Day 5 of Zhaoming): At that time, Hzstree, the Minister of Revenue, called together all the cabinet ministers and important ministers from the Four Boards to discuss the reform, so as to change the accumulated disadvantages of Ming due to lax laws and excessive freedom. At this time, Ming was at the end of its heyday. In order to prevent the decline of the country, Hzstree presided over a three-day revision meeting of The Law of Ming with the support of lucas_xe (i.e. CakeIsOssim), which was dedicated to reform and efforts to complete the agenda. The contents of the reform include basic land use system, institutions and official system, emerald-gold exchange rate, reward system, tax system, affiliated city-state system, treasury, trading rules and state authority. After three days of intense discussion, nine participants came up with a new final version of The Law of Ming, which was officially released at 21:00 p.m. on the 7th. However, due to the large number of idle people and shrinking staff, people's enthusiasm for the new Law of Ming is not high. Seeing that the new law is hard to implement and that Hzstree, who is ambitious and hard to pay, betrayed Ming the next day and went to Guiyuan for shelter, marking the failure of The Reform Movement of 2019.07. In addition, in the early stage of the meeting, BaiFuling had a fierce quarrel with Hzstree and Lucas because of their different opinions, and finally left in frustration and fled into the territory of Qin. The failure of reform and the departure of two important officials hit Ming.


July 9th (Third month Day 9 of Zhaoming): mc_xiao_run, The Deputy Priest, established Yangzhoufu in the north of Yingtian and the south of Huai'an , and served as Yangzhou Prefecture Magistrate.


July 10th (Third month Day 10 of Zhaoming): Zhaoming Emperor MC12369 left the capital and sailed across the Taiwan Strait to had a lodging in Hualian. He renamed it Chengtianfu, and FateGate was able to go back to Yingtian.


July 11th (Third month Day 11 of Zhaoming): Lucas_xe resigned Prime Minister of The Cabinet and Yingtian Governor. He left office the next day, and transferred to Grand Preceptor, while FateGate, The Minister of War, took his place.


July 14th (Third month Day 14 of Zhaoming): The Qin state fell, the Chinese Federation broke, and the Second Chinese Civil War ended. However, the disputes between the Ming and the Western Sui and Yue countries are not over. On the same day, after the moderators did not respond for many days, the new mayor of Shanghai, FrozenYeezi, withdrew the two territories occupying the city wall of Zhenjiang, and the case of land dispute with Shanghai was finally resolved.


宛陵湖战役The Battle of Wanling Lake

August 3rd (Fourth month 3 Day of Zhaoming): Yue's king CobetKhei and Western Sui's general Bommbap went to Xuanzhoufu to provoke xyixiao who was visiting Xuanzhou at that time. North Korean King 32EggzOnToast arrived soon afterwards, using deception to induce The Prime Minister FateGate to form an alliance with North Korea, but failed. Fate then headed south with wintonys, standing facing against the Yue-Sui-North_Korea allied forces. Han sent lonelyflyfeather, XxSlayerMCxX, Omoshiroi_sana to help Ming, the situation escalated to physical conflicts and expanded, at last evolved into a battle. Xuanzhou Prefecture Magistrate ji_mo and The Minister of Punishment Junshi_(i.e. Yintsuzzz_) joined in. 11 participants fought around Wanling Lake in Xuanzhou, the battle is extremely intense. In the process, Junshi_ was killed as a result of outdated arming. After a period, Cob escaped offline. BommBap and Eggz ran away because of force lost. Though Ming-Han allied forces won, they didn't kill any enemy. After the war ended, Ming set North Korea as an enemy nation.

In general, this is a quick and intense battle.







Ming-Han allied forces: FateGate, xyixiao, ji_mo, Junshi_, wintonys, lonelyflyfeather, XxSlayerMCxX, Omoshiroi_sana

Yue-Sui-North_Korea allied forces: CobetKhei, Bommbap, 32EggzOnToast


Compaign result : Ming-Han allied forces won, Yue-Sui-North_Korea allied forces lost.

August 7th(Fourth month 7day of Zhaoming):new_year_eve founded Dengzhoufu at Shandong Paninsula, and was appointed as Dengzhou Prefecture Magistrate. YuGuoShen, Liao's Dalian Mayor, who planned to annex the eastern part of Shandong Peninsula, was very dissatisfied with the move. Ming and Liao also had a dispute over Dengzhou shortly afterwards.


徽州事件:Huizhou Event

August 10th(Fourth month 10 day of Zhaoming): Ming's town Nanjing became a ruin. The Cabinet sent xyixiao to set a new town named Huizhoufu to get Nanjing back.Then Han's Hangzhou Mayor Fan_Gao claimed all the areas around Huizhou, saying that the previous owner of Nanjing (which is a foreigner) has agreed him to claim Nanjing (whithout being confirmed). As the Minister of Rites, Ji_mo turned to moderators on discord, but they delayed the case over and over again like they did before (see also the land disputes with Shanghai). Finally, The Cabinet decided to give up Huizhou, so xyixiao had to unclaim it.


August 31st(Fourth month 31day of Zhaoming): For the first time in his life, Ch1nA_BaiLu entered the server. Three people, i.e. xyixiao, ji_mo and wintonys, went to the Daming Palace in Heng'an to witness this moment which happens only once in a thousand years with people from all over the mainland of China. Meanwhile, the three tried to invite BaiLu to join Yingtian, but he refused.


September 5th(Fifth month 5day of Zhaoming): As a result of the death of FlameOfSigmar, Lord of the Fortress of Dawn, the Antarctic Metropolitan Government became a ruin.


宣德时代:Xuande Era

September 8th(Fifth month day 8 of Zhaoming): Zhaoming Emperor MC12369 passed away, passing the throne to the crown prince xyixiao, The Left Vice Minister of Works. The Cabinet conferred a posthumous title "Emperor Kang" and a dynastic title "Suzong" upon Zhaoming Emperor. It was decided that the Yunling Mausoleum, which is located in Xuanzhou, will be transformed into the Jingling Mausoleum to commemorate it. The new emperor changed the reign title to Xuande, preparing for the Cabinet reorganization. Dryzkl_X was appointed as Chengtian Prefecture Magistrate, starting to manage Chengtian.


September 11th(First month 11day of Xuande):Flarkie, The Left Deputy Imperial Censor, built Anqingfu within the previous Wuming's border, and was appointed as the Anqing Prefecture Magistrate. But later as a result of fund shortage, the west of Anqing was captured by Han's Jiujiang Mayor lu_da_ren with Long_Cheng Emperor xiao_quan's financial support. After a discussion, ji_mo decided to make Anqing part of Xuanzhou, preparing the westwards development to border on Anqing.


September 13th(First month 13day of Xuande): After days of negotiation, Ming and Liao and Han reached the Shandong Agreement on the territory of the three countries in Shandong Peninsula. Heiha5912, Liao's Dalian Mayor, withdrew the territory that restricted the land expansion of Dengzhou, and Dengzhou was able to further develop inland.


September 14th(First month 15day of Xuande): The reorganization of the new Cabinet has been completed. FateGate continued to be The Prime Minister. At the same time, Xuande Emperor xyixiao was enpowered to participate in the Cabinet's discussion.


洪武门之变:Incident At Hongwu Gate

September 15th(First month 15day of Xuande): Due to the rumor spread in Henan Qin by Ch1nA_BaiLu, ChineseCheater, the emperor of Henan Qin, suspected that Ming would take military action against Henan Qin. On the same day, he joined up with the king of Yue, CobetKhei, to come to Hongwu Gate, the border sign between Yingtian and Xuanzhou, and lured wintonys, who was observing the situation on the upper floor of Chengtian Gate, out of the city. People in the city know that Cob and Cheater are outside the city and plan to go out to catch them. So BelieverSone, Commander of The Left Army, opened the gate and launched a fierce attack with wintonys. The two forces were caught in tangled warfare. Although Fategate, Prime Minister, came to Hongwu Gate to supervise the war in person, and Liao also sent his general aas5aa and crackk_ to support Ming, the fierce cob killed Fate, and then got rid of the pursuit of the Ming army with Cheater, and returned to Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Qin. The humiliation of the Incident At Hongwu Gate made Ming more disgusted with all kinds of disputes on the mainland of China, and thus produced the idea of resting soldiers and supporting the people.


September 22nd(First month 22day of Xuande): With the completion of Court of State Ceremonial, the second-phase Yingtian Imperial City project was successfully completed. In the project, Xuande Emperor worked hard and made the most contribution. He personally built most of Yingtian from a monotonous state into a prosperous imperial capital with royal style. In addition, the merits of architects such as the Minister of Works YYY_12318, the Minister of Punishment Junshi_, and the Supreme Justice Bing_Xuan_H can not be ignored.


September 29th(First month 29day of Xuande): Due to the connection loss with Huaian Prefecture Magistrate Winterist_one, Huaian became a ruin. Wintonys was appointed as the 2nd Magistrate of Huaian Prefecture, and rebuilt Huaian immediately.


October 1st (Second month 1day of Xuande): LSPSWYSA2019, The Right Deputy Minister of War, took wintonys' place and become the 3rd Huaian Prefecture Magistrate. He then discussed about the restoration of Huaian with Yangzhou Prefecture Magistrate mc_xiao_run. After leaving office, wintonys was sent to Dalian as a representative of the Ming to attend the Liaoning Ship National Day Ceremony.


October 4th (Second month 4day of Xuande): BelieverSone, Commander of The Left Army with a martial spirit, attacked Zhengzhou in an all-out way in order to avenge the Incident At Hongwu Gate. He fought with CobMuMud, the commander of Henan Qin, killed MuMuD and left. Xuande Emperor, xyixiao, made Sone the Left Order of Pillar, in recognition of his merit of flaunting Ming's strength and made him the crown prince. That night, Ch1nA_BaiLu asked Xuande for Ming to recognize him as the founder of Ming I and listed six terms of cooperation. Xuande and The Cabinet voted on this matter, and finally decided to agree to the terms of BaiLu, give him the dynastic title of "Pazu" and the posthumous title of "Emperor Yun", and build the tortoise home in Yingtian Underground City into a new Ming Yunling Mausoleum.


October 18th(Second month day 18 of Xuande): Because Ming refused to recognize Emperor Pazu as the current emperor, he betrayed Ming and established the Sui state with CobMuMuD in Boli (to be different from the Western Sui Dynasty, hereinafter referred to as the Eastern Sui Dynasty), and became the emperor in Sakanaction on the island of Honshu to realize his emperor dream. Hearing that, Xuande Emperor xyixiao, who used to support him, was full of sadness and anger, passing the throne to the crown prince BelieverSone, The Left Order of Pillar. From then on, he lived in seclusion at Leizhou Peninsula away from political affairs. The Cabinet immediately canceled the recognition to Emperor Pazu's identity, and conferred a posthumous title "Emperor Jian" and a dynastic title "Dezong" upon Xuande.The new emperor changed the reign title to Xuanwu, claiming that he'd turn everyone to a soldier in order to reconstruct Ming as a militarized empire. But at that time, the whole of China Mainland was in a "cold ice age", and the population of Ming was only decreasing. Therefore, it was difficult to put the military reform in Xuanwu Emperor's imagination into practice. Gradually, the whole country tended to stop.


腊月政变:Coup in The Twelfth Lunar Month

October 27th (First month day 27 of Xuanwu): Due to the death of Flarkie, Anqing Prefecture Magistrate, Anqing became a ruin. But on the same day, the Western Sui, which had retreated to Chizhou, was destroyed, and Ming lost a strong enemy.


November 24th (Second month day 24 of Xuanwu): The outstanding villagers in the village exchange center of Yingtian Underground City were strangely missing. Grand Preceptor Lucas_xe claimed to investigate the matter, but there was no result for a long time.


December 22nd (Third month day 22 of Xuanwu): Xuanzhou Prefecture Magistrate, ji_mo, sent Rutoto to establish Leizhoufu in the Leizhou Peninsula where Emperor Dezong of Ming lived in seclusion. Rutoto was appointed as Leizhou Prefecture Magistrate.


December 26th (Third month day 26 of Xuanwu): Due to the passing of LSPSWYSA2019, the Huai'an became a ruin. Yangzhou was unable to take over Huai'an due to insufficient funds, resulting in the Huai'an Underground City being infiltrated by thieves through the South Zhili Ice Metro of Ming, and all resources were stolen. The Cabinet couldn't release enough money, and had to decide to give up Huai'an. The fall of Huai'an has become a scar that is hard to heal in the history of Ming.


January 6th (Fourth month day 6 of Xuanwu): Seeing the stagnation of Ming's development and knowing the difficulty of military reform, Xuanwu Emperor BelieverSone planned to join a militaristic country to carry out military aggression. He colluded with his defeated opponent, President of Eastern Sui, CobMuMuD, and betrayed Ming and fled to Jilin. MuMuD took him in and appointed him mayor of Jilin. Since then, Xuanwu has tried to lurk in the core QQ group and The Cabinet QQ group of Ming, but Lucas_xe and FateGate found his rebellion in time, kicked him out of the two groups immediately, and announced his dethronion. After the coup in the twelfth lunar month, the cabinet did not establish an emperor, and began to change the parliamentary monarchy into a republican system. As the head of government, Prime Minister of The Cabinet became the head of state. After the failure of military reform, Ming, who did not participate in the Third Chinese Civil War, reconsidered its own national conditions and finally chose the development path of "no dispute".


共和史History of Republic

The history of this stage tells the development history after Ming Empire reorganized itself to Ming Republic, which tried to revive in "no dispute".


西蜀大开发Sichuan Development

February 8th (The second republican month day 8): When Emperor Dezong returned to Yingtian, Grand Secretaries warmly welcomed his return, but he decided not to stay for a long time, but to develop Sichuan Basin as Chief Executive of Sichuan.


February 10th (The second month day 10 of the Republic): Accompanied by New_year_eve, Chief Executive of Shandong, and GoldenYouth, The Left Vice Minister of Works, xyixiao crossed the Qinling Mountains by way of Mengxi and established Chengdufu in the Chengdu Plain west of Longquan Mountain. He and his companion Linestd served as Prefecture Magistrate and Prefecture Vice Magistrate. This marks the beginning of the Sichuan Development.


February 16th (The second republican month day 16): Since R.O.C, Henan Qin and other countries successively built cities near Yingtian, Dengzhou Prefecture Vice Magistrate ren_gong left Dengzhou and established Dengyingfu at the original Taizhou site to continue to defend Yingtian.


February 21st (The second republican month day 21): Xuanzhoufu was renamed Ningguofu.


Early May (Early part of the third republican month): The thugs led by "post gang of four" group, which included Kuriyama_Sakura (i.e. Ch1nA_ BaiLu), Emperor of the Eastern Sui, Komeiji_ twilight (i.e. CobMuMud), President of the Eastern Sui, IamSen233 and Hurt_Yumu, Xia's generals, attacked Chengdufu people in the wild and wintonys, the Minister of Works, who came to assist in the construction for many times, which became a huge resistance to the Sichuan Development. Xyixiao and LineStd actively claimed the land, isolated the activities of both sides, and effectively reduced the influence of the post gang of four on the development.


March 12th (The third republican month day 12): With the completion of the North Chunxi Road Zone, Chengdufu had become one of the largest cities in Ming.


共和复兴 Republican revival

April 24th (The fourth republican month day 24):NEXM1014 built Quanluodao in the south of the Korean Peninsula.


Early June (Early part of the sixth republican month) Han's town Qingdao became a ruin.Then Dengzhou's Mayor New_year_eve claimed the areas around Qingdao and Dengzhou was renamed Qingdao.

共和六月上旬: 汉所属的城市青岛沦为废墟,登州府接管青岛地区,并改名为青岛。

Early March (Early part of the third month of the second republican year) da550www built Guangzhoufu within the previous Guangzhou's border, and was appointed as the Guangzhou Prefecture Magistrate. Under its governance, Guangzhou quickly developed into one of the metropolises in southern China

共和二年三月上旬: da550www在原广州城址上建立广州府,并出任广州知府。在其治理下,广州很快发展为中国南部地区大城市之一。

late April (Late part of the fourth month of the second republican year) Guangzhoufu claimed southward and removed a part of a historic cemetery in the wilderness near Macau.After discovering that, Shia_chan contacted the diplomat Ji_mo, and reached a consultation result: Guangzhoufu stop claimed southward and choosing to develop northward.


May 3th(The fourth republican month day 3) Chengdufu and Guangzhoufu became a ruin. The member of Guangzhoufu set a new town named Guangzhou after 3 days to get Guangzhoufu back.


June 7th(The fifth republican month day 7) FutureYun, The Minister of Work returen to Yingtianfu and sreformulated the urban development plan to expand the size and attractiveness of the city. And began to build new residential areas and invite new players to join the town.At the same time, The Republic decided to take Northern Jiangsu as the development center and establish a large urban agglomeration with economic and cultural prosperity , and began to raise funds for urban expansion .


Late June (Late part of the fifth republican month): The mayor of Guangzhou killed members of the R.O.C. who came to visit, which made Guangzhou attacked by the R.O.C. WallFacer ,the member of Guangzhou left town because he was tired of war and build a new town named Shenzhen On the north side.


Early July (Early part of the sixth republican month): By Using pre written invitation messages to inviting players for a long time,The membership of Yingtianfu growing rapidly, the previous planning is also constantly improving.But at the same time, other cities and towns in China are also developing rapidly and seeking expansion, especially the cities and towns belonging to R.O.C. New players have become an important development resource in China within the server for a time. Yingtianfu's invitation has aroused the dissatisfaction of many towns belonging to R.O.C .This led to Yingtianfu people being attacked in the wild for many times.Even so, the construction of cities and towns has not stagnated.A large area of the ground on the north side of the town has been leveled, leaving room for future urban construction.But in the process, many ancient and exquisite buildings like the Bei'an Gate were destroyed,and aroused the dissatisfaction of many old players.


July 18th(The sixth republican month day 18) In order to meet the growing demand for funds, the Pacific ice track running through the East China Sea and the eastern Pacific Ocean has been put into operation. The opening of the ice track has greatly improved the mining efficiency and the national finance.


Late July (Late part of the sixth republican month): The number of residents in yingtianfu soon met the urban expansion, and the previously raised funds enabled to complete the expansion of the core area of the northern urban area at one time.And continue to mine for more funds to continue expand. The new business center build by Threefire09002 Soon the national business began to develop, and also creates a lot of income for the republic.During this period, all cities and towns belong to Ming Republic achieved great development, extended the control of the Ming Republic to Hefei, and recovered part of Huai'an. Urban construction has also changed from disorder to order, and began to carry out the construction of modern urban areas in a planned way ,and also industrialization.However, the construction of the capital has stalled due to excessive expansion. In the initial planning, only one project of temple tower has actually started.


开封事变 Kaifeng incident


太庙 The imperial ancestral temple





dynastic title


posthumous title


reign title




Why did he become emperor





MC12369 肃宗






Jingling Mausoleum


set up a ruler


Not Bad


May 20th to Sept 8th

xyixiao 德宗






Chengling Mausoleum






Sept 8th to Oct 18th

BelieverSone -




- 禅让


- 10月18日~1月6日

Oct 18th to Jan 6th




'谥号'posthumous title '配飨皇帝'emperor worshipped along with 评语


'生卒'birth and death
Winterist_one 景元



Emperor Suzong



MC_Breeze 武昭



Emperor Suzong



LaoDou 惠定



Emperor Suzong



BaiFuling 宣明



Emperor Dezong



Hzstree 章靖



Emperor Dezong



FlameOfSigmar 恭简



Emperor Dezong




内阁首辅 Prime Minister of The Cabinet

Lucas_xe(原名CakeIsOssim) 2019年5月13日~2019年7月12日 13 May to 12 July
FateGate 2019年7月12日~2021年8月12日 July 12-Aug 12
3fff(原名Threefire09002) 2021年8月12日~2022年3月12 Aug 12-Mar 12
Goldenyouth 2022年3月12日~2022年5月12日 Mar 12-May 12

地理志 Architectural wonders

Cities owned by Ming Republic 明共和国目前的城市











3fff 500 2019/5/12


FutureYun 209 2021/8/24


New_year_eve 361 2019/8/7


Ji_mo 183 2019/5/21


FlutterinBreeze 113 2020/4/24


chai_doge 156 2021/11/20


Touch_The_Fish 36 2021/6/13


China_kai 65 2021/7/30


Rui_Bin103B 93 2021/8/9


7HundeR 191 2021/5/3


Jia_ren_men 172 2020/2/16


ArKrXe_ 99 2021/7/12


alapdq 12 2022/2/18


Leaf_H 20 2022/2/18


现任府尹Incumbent Governor:3fff

  • 北安门Bei'an Gate
Bei’an GateThe north gate of the capital of the Ming

Bei'an Gate is the north gate of Yingtian's imperial city. A double-eaved gablet roof gate tower is set above the single archway. It connects the imperial city and the palace(under construction), magnificent but plain.


  • 南北御道North-South Imperial Avenue
North-South Imperial Avenue

North-South Imperial Avenue connects Bei'an Gate, the north gate of Yingtian's imperial city, and Chengtian Gate, the south gate. There're symmetric coiling shed bulletin board situated in both sides of the avenue, and Yingtian Bridge above the Yangtze River.


  • 文渊阁Pavilion of the imperial library
Pavilion of The Imperial Library

Pavilion of the Imperial Library is in the south-west of Yingtian Tai Chi Chart. It's where The Cabinet of Ming located, as well as its symbol.


  • 文华殿Hall of literary glory
    Hall of literary glory

Hall of Literary Glory is the crown prince's residence. Some of the art exhibitions are also held here.


  • 武英殿Hall of martial valor
Hall of martial valor

Hall of Martial Valor is the emperor's residence, as well as a place for summoning officials.



现任知府Incumbent Prefecture Magistrate:ji_mo

静穆楼Jingmu Whorehouse


Located by the Shuiyang River, Jingmu Whorehouse is a brothel built during the reign of Emperor Dezong of Ming which was sometimes visited by the politicians of all countries on the Chinese Mainland. After the founding of the Republic, it was renovated into an ordinary opera house.


青岛 Qingdao

现任知府Incumbent Prefecture Magistrate: New_year_eve

  • 观塔楼Guanta Tower
  • 文登门Wendeng Gate
    Wendeng Gate
  • 滨海居民区Coastal Residential Area
    Coastal Residential Area
  • 威海全景Overall view of Weihai
    Overall view of Weihai
  • 登州塔Dengzhou Tower
    Dengzhou Tower
  • 乳山港Port of Rushan
    Port of Rushan
  • 海乳新区Hairu New Area
    Hairu New Area
  • 街心喷泉Street Fountain
    Street Fountain and Toushui Church


现任知府Incumbent Prefecture Magistrate: xyixiao

  • 四川三司Three Departments of Sichuan
    Chief Departments of Sichuan
    Supervision Department and Army Department of Sichuan
  • 浣花溪公园Huanhua Stream Park
    Huanhua Stream Park