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1 Numidia

1.1 Overview

The Empire of Numidia is a nation classified as a Realm in North Africa and Southern Italian Islands Their core territory and capitol is where modern-day Libya and Tunisia are, excluding The Kingdom of Maghreb.

1.2 Geography

Numidia is mainly located on the coasts of Tunisia and Libya, with claims on southern Italian islands.

1.3 History

1.4 Infrastructure

Numidia lies on the head of the Korban Canal network. This massive Continental-wide infrastructure project was organized by the African Union. The main Numidian builders were Twitchy, DarkRush449, and Tonitoperf. The other nations that constructed the canal were Mali (now fallen) and the Kingdom of Oyo (now the Oyo Empire). It goes through the Sahara to connect North Africa to the Gulf of Guinea as well as to Mali. Niger now sits at the center point of the canal in the Sahara desert.

Numidia is constructing a network of canals, ice-roads, ice-canal hybrids, and railroads to connect their Empire. They hope to further this by connecting to Italy and to Switzerland through a joint-infrastructure project across the Mediterranean Sea.

1.5 Famous buildings

2 History

1.1 The founding of Numidia

Numidia and Maghreb both come from a fallen nation called Tunisia. Tunisia existed with the capitol being Tunis and Houmt Souk being the main financial and population center. Following the death of the Tunisian King, Houmt Souk declared itself the capitol of Numidia. Tunis eventually found new governance and renamed itself Maghreb. To this day, Numidia and Maghreb share the same royal house and their citizens enjoy duel-citizenship.

3 Government

3.1 Royalty

Numidian King: Twitchy

Numidian Prince(s): DarkRush449 , Deadly_Dream

Numidian Princess(es): Public_Cubicle

3.2 Parliament

-----Ministers Of Government-----

Chancellor: PoshKraken

Economy Minister: NerdCM

Development Minister: bomb224

Military Minister: CobraGaming24

----- Prefecture Lords (GRE Prefects)-----

  1. Twitchy of the Tunisian Prefecture
  2. Brixus of the Libyan Prefecture
  3. CobraGaming24 of the Saharan Prefecture
  4. Jan_Skrzetuski1 of the Cyrene Prefecture

----- Governors (Mayors)-----

  • Gabes: Twitchy
  • Eden's Gate: Shlomo_Goldstein
  • Tripoli: Deadly_Glamour
  • Tipaza: Spicepirate
  • Tobruk: Stealthymass402
  • Cirta: Pandi0r
  • Misrata: IkSteelJouHoofd
  • Carthage: Ffin
  • Naporia: CobraGaming24
  • Cyrene: Jan_Skrzetuski1
  • Safakis : TWITS42
  • Lost _Town: YOLOX007

3.3 Others


Royal Architect: DarkRush449

Chief Architect: Jan_Skrzetuski1

Architects: Public_cubicle, Yuria, therealogre, CobraGaming24


Royal Photographer: Deadly_Dream

Photographers: None At The Moment

4 Foreign Relations

4.1 Close allies

4.2 Enemies

4.3 Wars fought

5 Notable People

6 National Subdivisions

6.1 Mainland cities and towns

  • Houmt Souk
  • Tripoli
  • Tipaza
  • Misrata
  • Azazga
  • Eden's Gate
  • Carthage
  • Naporia