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Nunavut (pronounced nOO-nuh-voot) is a nation situated in Central Canada, founded by Dictiooo and BlueSupreme. It's regime is a constitutional monarchy.



Nunavut was founded on November 17th of 2019 by Dictiooo (actual King) and BlueSupreme (actual Governor-General) with the help of natsuhiboshi loaning some money to them. The capital is Amarok which was in Cascadia before. Nunavut decided to stay independant for about a month, refusing to Cascadia and Canadian Union's invitation.

The Northwestern Syndicate

On December 25th of 2019, Nunavut decided to join the Northwestern Syndicate because of the war opposing the Northwestern Syndicate and the Canadian Union.


On December 25th of 2019, the Northwestern Syndicate which Nunavut is in declares war to the Canadian Union for taking too much territory from the west. Nunavut will help by assisting their allies with troops and raiding Slave towns. After a day of raiding, Slave switched sides and joined the Syndicate and had to gave the territory to Nunavut


Nunavut is a constitutional monarchy, meaning that there is a king, a governor-general and a prime minister at the top of the nation. Governor-general gets chosen by the King and the prime minister gets voted by the population. The first prime minister of Nunavut was MiloBee123.Template:Infobox Monarch/King