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Odditylol is a Player on EarthMC.


Early History

Odditylol first joined the server somewhere between the 20th and 27th of September 2019. They got suck in a small, one-chunk hole town named lazy-town. They then joined The town of Manila to escape this hole and stayed there for a couple of days.


A week or so after they joined they joined a town, founded by LiterallyADonut called Donutville.

The original members of this town include :

  • Odditylol
  • AnAverageSam
  • LiterallyADonut
  • ElvisTheKid
  • I don't know the rest but there was like 5 more

Odditylol proceeded to stay in this town as a main builder until he left to found his own town, Byglandsfjord


Byglandsfjord was a Swedish - Norwegian town founded and owned By Odditylol. It lasted abut 4 months before its demise.


This can be a simple list of towns you've been in or a comprehensive list of every town with details, or even a description of a specific town your in. If you aren't in any town you can also just ignore this entirely.

Odditylol, Cra6914 and LiterallyADonut.png
  • Manila
  • Donutville
  • Byglandsfjord
  • Nya_Asgard
  • Stockholm
  • Hanoi