Pact of Madrid (Classic)

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Template:Infobox TreatyThe Pact of Madrid (formerly Spanish-Brasilian Pact) is an alliance created in 20th September 2017 by Spain, Brazil and UN. It is a defense pact, in case of a member country getting attacked it will be defended by the other two, besides making diplomacy beetween member nations easier. If your nation wants to join the pact, you can /msg NSaurioGamer or Alexander_Grande, or put a comment down there.

Nations in the Pact


Spanish Empire (Leader Nation)

680px-Flag of Empire of Brazil (1822-1870).svg.png

Empire of Brazil (Leader Nation)

220px-Flag of the United Nations (1945-1947).svg.png

Federation/UN (Leader Nation)

2000px-Flag of Iran before 1979 Revolution.svg.png

Caliphate of Persia