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Varsellies, known by many as "The Paris Palace"

Paris was a town in Central France, ruled by Paulevans2007. It is the capital.


Paris was originally the Vatican City, located in France, and was ruled by Sarmango. Eventually later in the year, in the fading summer he moved the town to Paris and renamed it, leaving the Vatican as an outpost.

However, Sarmango went inactive and the city sat dormant for a few months, eventually the city was given to Kadethedank. But soon after, he went inactive many times, and Kade eventually transferred the town to Paulevans2007 after Paris rebelled from MonaFrance and joined Mustachegames in Hungary.

Millitary base in Paris built during the MonaFrance era. The Base was built over a old millitary base from when Sarmango was mayor
Hotel scribe in Paris


View of Paris to the north side. Arc de Triomphe can be seen in this photo.

Today, Paris is a large city located in Central France. It contains many buildings that have a style associated with Paris. The city currently has 2 beacons. The most iconic part of Paris is the Eiffel Tower, made of Smooth Stone slabs and blocks.

Asher1099 (Founder of Hungary) Mustachegames (Archduke of Austria) and Runnerboy72000 (leader of Russia) standing on the steps of the Varsellies. This is a rare picture of them standing together because it was taken during the Russo - Hungarian war.