Pastel's Building Society, Chicken University and Potato Cleaners

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The Pastel's Building Society, Chicken University and Potato Cleaners (shortened to PBSCUPC) (Waddenish: Pastoelen Feraden Belderen, Junivoersitij Brijddes, ond Ejmziegeres Iriscblednes) is a company that specializes in building a society, good and affordable college education for chickens and the cleaning of the starchy tubers of the plant Solanum Tuberosum.


  • The Waddenzee Outlet, in Waddenzee


The company, founded on the 21st of August, 2021, serves three purposes:

  1. A supply of all-you-can-eat stacks of stone bricks for completely free, to help you build an ugly grey cube of a base. None other materials apart from soil are supplied. We can also the costs the rebuilding of your town in case it is griefed- we pay in stone bricks.
  2. A fine Alma Mater for all Gallus Gallus Domesticus alike. Built on the site of an old Tyrannosaurus Rex Academy, it is a prestigious establishment for all it's descendants alike. Our rigorous training for our teachers and routine examinations do make sure the college remains steadfast and superior to any other on EMC for clucking beings, our grades excel 25% higher than the global average. The most attractive offer is that it is completely free (albeit our graduate school -5g- and our textbooks -1g). All you have to do is bring over your dear chicken and it will study independently. We pride ourselves especially in our biology department and our brilliant boat-racing team, but we host all standard academic classes apart from English because we don't speak it in Waddenzee (T&C: we are not responsible for the loss of chickens). This is your chicken's way to get a respected degree, good socialization with responsible and intelligent chicky-chums and a healthy, inspired future.
  3. We take in any potatoes you give us and plonk them in some water. We also sell potatoes for 1g per twelve stacks, and we have loans in potatoes- with which you pay interest in potatoes. We also allow you to buy potato stocks. We also cook potatoes- boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew. A versatile material indeed.


  1. Stone Bricks
  2. Educated Young Chickens ready for employment and life
  3. Cleaner Potatoes