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Poladomor - series of events causing a great famine and wheat deficiency in the region of all of Polabia, a region inhabited by a Slavic minority inside the borders of Germany.

Background of the Poladomor

Already many days before the start of terra aurora the Slavic minority in Germany designed the Mosznica temple (Scrotum temple), in honor of Jan Mosznica and Mieszko PiÄ…tonogi (John the Scrotum, and Mieszko the five-legged). Plan of the temple was finished a few days before early acces. Ground for the construction was prepared from 1st to 3rd of May. On the 3rd of May the construction of the temple began. Lots of natural resources from all over Polabia went into it. The tribal council of Polabia ordered the completion of the construction until the official start, and almost entire population was involved in the construction. The temple was finished after a few days of hard work, but it turned out that the roof, which was supposed to be made of hay bales, was replaced with dirt due to the shortage of wheat. The tribal council of Polabia decided to requisition all the wheat from all the Slavic towns in Germany under the authority of Radogoszcz (Rethra).

Evolution of the Situation and Impact

The gastronomy of Polabia isn't very organized. Due to server bugs there is a significant lack of animals due to the fact that new individuals disappear after breeding. So most of the food produced in Polabia is just bread and sweetberries. After the order to confiscate all the grain for the greater glory of God (Jan Mosznica) was issued, the whole fields were harvested, and wheat was requisitioned from the private chests of Polabian citizens. On the first day of the order, the supplies of bread were estimated at 3.5 stacks for the whole minority of Slavs in Polabia. Bread started to run low already in the first days of the regulation due to hungry miners who consumed huge amounts of food beyond the planned norm. But they had to work because of the enforced norms of gold production (gold is also entirely confiscated by the tribal council). So many miners had to dig gold slowly while being completely starved. After some time they switched to sweetberries, which hardly renewed their hunger and didn't provide saturation, which contributed to the higher death rate of the Slavic miners. People began to commit suicide in large numbers due to lack of food, and the dirt blocks from the temple roof began to be replaced more and more by hay bales, which satisfied the tribal authorities and local Zhrets (slavic priests). The Poladomor continues due to the fact that about 50% of the planned hay blocks are still not placed and at the moment the number of Poladomor deaths is estimated at over 100.

A solution?

Lack of hay bales on the roof of the temple

The expected solution to the great famine may be the introduction of carrots, which took place on May 7 in Arkona, but the number of carrots is so small that they are used only for seeding.