Port Victoria (Classic)

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Port Victoria


Port Victoria was made shortly after the collapse of the United Kingdom, because BeeCow believed the UK at the time to be ugly and unstable. BeeCow went on for 2 days living a nomadic life, until he stumbled upon some town ruins and decided to repair the town to it's former glory.

Port Victoria has land claims on the western side of Lake Victoria.


Port Victoria hosts beautiful buildings, such as The Elizabethan Great Hall, Elizabeth Harbour and the Fountain of Gods.

The Elizabethan Great Hall

The Elizabethan Great Hall began construction shortly after The Disbanded British Wars with the original intent of showing off the town's enemies armour and weaponry, but later decided to act as the Town Hall and Museum

Roughly 4,000 blocks of sandstone and 2,500 blocks of Birch planks were used during the construction.

The Great Hall on the 7th January 2018, early in construction.

The Fountain of Gods

The Fountain of Gods has been in Port Victoria since August 2017. (Thank you anonymous user)

The Fountain of Gods, restored to its original state.

Project Port Elizabeth

After a horrific reign of the now banned player, CallMeConman, the town was liberated by The_Pock's Sister, moo_moo_162 and is currently under reconstruction by the EarthMC Musuem, fabian2003 and The_Pock.