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Posio was founded on the 26th of April 2019. Members Vexiair, Texmex1, Joku_Juippi, Jon404 and Minswood gathered the required gold and Posio was founded. Right after that, Posio joined Greater Finland. Posio is located in Northern Finland

Posio developed quickly, and soon became one of the largest towns in Finland. 

The City Hall was the first building to be built. Soon after that, the mining system was created. Citizens quickly started building different kinds of buildings, such as a bank and a church. Some also created houses and farms of their own. 

On the 28th of April, citiziens from Turan tried to assassinate the mayor of Posio, but Posio managed to survive the attack without any casualties. 

After that, even more buildings were built. These include places such as the restaurant Peikonpes√§, a sauna, Pentik and a barn for animals. An ice track connecting Posio to the capital of Greater Finland, Kekkoslinna, was also soon built. 


Even though everyone in the town does /vote every day, most of the towns funds come from constant mining. Estimated earnings per day are about 200 gold ingots. The steady flow of gold has caused some people in the town to use it for extremely useless things, such as gold armor.

Posio has a good selection of animals, which were obtained by Texmex1's and Jokeri18's great and persistent efforts.


Posio has a strong feeling of community amidst it's citizens. This has led to an effective social care system, in which players share their resources with each other, which leads to an overproduction of materials. All of this combined is what led Posio to be able to claim land really fast and be one of the fastest growing towns in Greater Finland, while also donating gold for Greater Finland.