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Hello. I'm Prague. I was born from the remains of old Prague, to re-create the true form of this once famous historic city. This city dominates Moravian people, who settled here near Prague and created a new town of Veligrad.


IanNotEN era:

Our roots come from ancient Persia. Thanks to them we have what we have. Persia was founded due to the fall of the NSA. Started by IanNotEN, formerly Marja IanNotEN. He attacked Electrozavodsk and was attacked by the newly born nation of USTN. The reason was that Persia did not want to be an ally. Due to constant attacks on Persia, the Virmunian nation was inactive and deserted, so Ian handed over his property to his sister and founded our proud Prague.

His first nick was Oldscraft.

Prague fall:

At the beginning of July 2017, Prague had many important events at the end of the The New Era. We have only recorded 2 events so far. It was: Extremely high population growth in Prague (at that time big boom!) And Establishment of the Nation Prestige_Czechia (later Czecho-Israel).


Israel=Virmuni (Persia)

Eventually Ian left both Prague and Virmuni, which caused the rapid decline of the former powerful Czech-Israel nation, which ruled very briefly but very significantly!


Based on these findings, MAIXOR decided to establish a "new Prague." He had undoubtedly very friendly relations with Berlin, Hungary and Munich. Prague has the best relations for the whole of history. He could safely build new and new cities without any big attacks. However, he did not have enough Czech players (none were).

Progressive era:

MAIXOR had the idea that everyone in the Czech Republic and Slovakia could have their own city.

He first founded the town of Veligrad, which has been supplying the whole of the Czech Republic with various materials or food. He captured the center of the Czech Republic, founded the 2nd city (Prague) and finally managed to conquer the north-western part of Slovakia, established there new 3rd town (Bratislava).