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Disclaimer-This page has been repeatedly destroyed and remade, destroyed and remade, this is what I have discovered about them as I attempt to write an unbiased opinion of the nation Praxis.


This was a fairly large nation that during The Dark Era that was seen by a large percentage of players on EarthMC as toxic, but some liked them. These players where widely considered greifers, outposters, and hackers, and most all got banned. Some of the player's names still live on in the McMMO ranks.


Praxis was formed out of the remains of Soviet, which was itself formed from Trash_Corporation and Hoting. This nation went around and would use multiple tactics, mostly now bannable, to achieve their aims. Outposting, the act of placing outposts around towns to prevent expansion was a technique invented by them. Also used was large attacks on towns which managed to turn some glorious towns into shadows or ruins of themselves. Some towns encased themselves in domes in order to avoid the onslaught. In their eyes the ends justified the means to an extreme.

Good news for players is EarthMC managed to ban most of them, for a mix of outposting, greifing, and hacking.

Usage of Praxis as a term, or Neo-Praxis

There name, Praxis, has often been recycled into "Neo-Praxis", which is often used to describe other toxic nations. This was used to describe EndersGames NATO/CCCP during The October War, its successor nation Cinder (CCCP) before Periano's tempban (after which he seemed untoxic), and Japan, especially under SlyPrince's shogunate and sometimes extending into the present. Their name lives on, as about the worse expression possible to describe a nation and is synonymous with Toxic.

Players involved with Praxis