Quebec Luxury Vehicles Co.

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The Quebec Luxury Vehicles Co. is a company that makes various types of vehicles from luxury yachts to Private Jets. The Quebec Luxury Vehicles Co. has their HQ in Ottawa, Quebec. the CEO of QLVC right now is Remix_Gaming, and the COO is N/A. The Company was originally called Quebec Luxury Boat Co. But it underwent name changes after more products were created. This company was founded in 12/10/2020 by Remix_Gaming. The company was created because it was thought that the server needed some luxury and military vehicles to help decorate and add to the roleplaying atmosphere. There are many war vehicle companies in the server, but not a lot of luxury vehicles, so the founder thought this was an good business opportunity. The company has grown from a small shipbuilding company to a decently sized company.

The QLVC has a lot of different vehicles and since it started as a shipbuilding company, it has a lot of ships. It also has a lot of vehicles based on real vehicles like fighter jets and Mercedes. all vehicles can be found in the QLVC official discord, and custom orders are made frequently, for example, the Ford Model T that is in the product list were originally was a custom order made by player Swrhitzy, and it became one of the official products.