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Revenge is a company mainly used for setting hits on people, some of its other features are hiring bodyguards, and getting mercenaries for war, the difference between mercenaries and bodyguards is that bodyguards are normally a smaller amount of operators. Revenge is known for having some of the best PvPers on EMC. Revenge is a company in the TDC network of companies, which contains Dragon Estates , Solomon & Sons, and Revenge, Revenge being its largest company, and well, Revenge is the largest company on EMC.

Revenge has a system of payment for the bounties and the other services it has.

The system is:


Prices: (pay up front)

New player(less than 10 hours of play time) - 7G.

Regular player - 20G.

Semi-known player - 25G.

Known player - 30G.

We sell the items on the victim's inventory for cheap, you can choose to buy the items if you wish. price is decided after the kill. You may choose to stay anonymous after you order a hit.


Mod - +20G

Admin - +70G

Fix - +1,000G(ban mission so pricy)

Mayor with less than 50 residents - +3G.

Mayor with 50-90 residents - +4G.

Mayor with 91 residents and above - +5G.

Nation ruler of 5 towns or less - +5G.

Nation ruler of 6-10 towns - +6G.

Nation ruler of 11-20 towns - +8G.

Nation ruler of more than 20 towns - +9G.

Known pvper - +20G.

Known to be one of the best pvpers on the server - +40G.

Player in a government of a nation with more than 100 residents - +1G.

BODY GUARD: In the bought amount of time you can ask the guard chosen for you to help you with any pvp thing(attack with you, defend you ect), one hour=50g, if you want a more large amount of work force to help in something like a war you can hire mercenaries(more in the next line).

MERCENARIES: Mercenaries are used for large fights and wars. You can make a ticket in #make-an-order to come up with a price made on the amount of force you need.<references />