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Rimi is a shopping company with headquarters in Salalah,Oman. It was founded on 9th September by Peetnieks

The company is still in its infancy as only 1 store that is still in development is open.

The company is owned by USCF Holding.


There is currently one store open in Salalah, the capital of Oman. The Oman store also serves as the company's headquarters at this point in time. The store currently has one stocked floor, with more items to come and an underground floor in early development.


The full list of products that Rimi provides along with their cost can be seen at their Discord server: discord.gg/vpazwkExNP


As there is only one shop open, currently the only division is Rimi Africa Ltd. with it's owner being the company's owner, Peetnieks.


Early days

Rimi was officially founded on 9th September 2021 after Peetnieks acquired a shop in the Omani Mall in Salalah. Over the next few days the 1st floor was stocked with various items. Then over the next few weeks a few more items were added for sale in the shop. After that the shop went into inactivity because of increased queue waiting times. An underground floor is currently in planning and the shop is gradually returning to activity as of November 2021.