Rockland (Classic)

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Rockland is a city in Iroquois County, in Canada.

Rockland was formed on September 2nd, 2017 and joined Canada on September 3rd, 2017. Rockland was formed by its mayor David_Crocket.

Rockland saw a slow start but quickly grew. The mayor, David_Crocket, was elected to the position of Chief in the Canadian government in the October election.

Rockland has many sights to see such as,

  • The Rockland Spire, the first "skyscraper" ever made.
  • Flat Iron Apartments, the first Apartment Complex in Rockland right next to Lake Erie, has fantastic views.
  • The Jurassic Fork, a small restaurant and motel build by C00Ltaco128.
  • The Chrysler Building, one of the finest pieces of architecture in Rockland this sure is quite a sight to see.
  • Erie Tower, holds the government office of Chief David_Crocket. Along the water it is also an amazing sight to see.