Russo-Hungarian War (Classic)

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Beginning And Cause

After Runnerboy griefing France in the past months, emperormustache had enough and got syn to roll back orleans (A town griefed by runnerboy7200) 2 times before any action was taken. This deepy angered the Hungarian people and there friends that 1 man could get away with such a big crime like blowing up a whole country and not get any punishment.

Battle of Orleans (Russian victory)

So Emperormustache made a ticket. Eagle, a mod read the ticket and warned Runnerboy, But this did not stop runner, no he infact went back for another round of grief on Orleans. After Mustache went back to Orleans to check-up on it he found runnerboy there tnting the apartments. So Emperormustache called his legion and his allies to come fend Runner off. After a long time of battling MLGterra showed up on runnerboys side and everyone on Hungarys side died. After this battle Vwon formed a legion at Murmansk and attacked MLGterra there well he was trying to siege the city. Once emperormustache died he surrendered the city to the Russians and called all troops out of the city.

Battle of Murmansk (Stalemate)

After this, MLGTerra went to Murmansk where he killed LordMMT and Mustache before eventually leaving.

Battle of Verdun (Failure On Both Sides)

Well the Hungarians were prepairing for the battle, Runner came early and killed everyone in Verdun, which lead to a retreat from Antheees legion. After a blood bath and runner being on low health Runner ran in claims, said the Hungarians cheated and the battle was boring then logged off. This meant

Battle of Kola (Russian victory)

After the battle of Verdun, Vwon challenges MLGTerra to a battle in the kola peninsula. Once MLGTerra arrives The battle starts where it seems Hungary is winning, after Terra gets on low health he goes back to wellington to restoke and heal. Well Terra s doing this, Runner tpa's to Kola some how and meets terra at kola flanking Mustache leading to a Russian victory. In reality the Hungarians won the battle but lost it 12 minutes later.

End of the War

Eventually, under the pressure of the Russian army, Mustachegames left Hungary to fall and joined Russia. This brought the week long war to an end.