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Sandakan is a town that was created on September 27, 2022 by Zeder95 in northern Borneo as an independent settlement. On March 23, 2023, the nation of Malaysia was founded by Zeder95 and Sandakan became the capital of Malaysia.

Overview of Sandakan


Main town

The main town of Sandakan consists of Zeder95s house and two addiotional houses, which are all built in a traditional malay style of building using dark wooden planks, wooden stilts to protect against floods and high roofs to protect against the heat. The main town also contains a four-level beacon, a nether portal and "Sandakan" and "Malaysia" banners.

Sandakan Overview.png

The shop

In the public shop of Sandakan, mapart of the Malaysia flag is sold, along with various other items such as sculk, obsidian, amethyst, spore blossoms, mangrove propagules, recovery compasses and various food and plant items.

The Malaysia Flag mapart being sold in the Sandakan store

Sandakan Mosque

The Sandakan Mosque is a public mosque built in malaysian mosque architecture style that is open to travellers and tourists. The Sandakan mosque welcomes people of all religions and cultures.

The mosque of Sandakan

Sandakan Ice Highway Station

Sandakan is connected to the ice highway network of Borneo, with an overground station building connecting to the underground station.

An overview of Sandakan with the Ice highway station on the left

The Malaysia flag

In August 2023 a giant flag of Malaysia was built by Zeder95 as a mapart on the ocean northeast of Sandakan. The flag mapart can be bought in the Sandakan store.

The Malaysia flag near Sandakan