Second Battle of Petrozavodsk (Classic)

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The battle took place on November 14, 2017 between a small group of the coalition against the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union. Earlier in the day, a successful attack had been launched against Petrozavodsk, and Allan_C, the leader of the Commonwealth, wanted to launch another raid. runnerboy72000 was waiting with him on top of the mountain just south of Petrozavodsk while the armies of the two nations mobilized. While the two waited on the peak, runnerboy occasionally noticed a person in iron armor running around lower on the mountainside, but assumed he was with the commonwealth. Later he released he was a soviet and wandered down to chase the player off. While walking down to where the player was last seen, runnerboy saw some arrows flying in the distance from Petrozavodsk. As he approached the source of the arrows, a massive army appeared, with all but the one Iron person in god gear. runnerboy quickly scrambled back up the mountain towards where Allan was waiting. By the time runnerboy reached the summit, the Soviet army had cought up.Template:Infobox nation

The Battle

Runnerboy72000 and Allan_C were overwhelmed by the massive army, whose size ranged somewhere between 15 and a little over 20 players. The two quickly tried to flee down the south side of the mountain but were quickly caught. A intense battle ensued between the two and the soviet army, the fighting slowly moved down the near cliffs into the valley bellow. In the valley Allan and Runnerboy decided to split the Soviet army up, so runnerboy began heading west trying to lure some of the soviets off of Allan (who had been more targeted so far). Eventually runnerboy turned around to see only the iron guy was following him. He turned and chased him for a bit but quickly recognized that he was being lured into a trap, and fled to his outpost in nearby Iran. During this time Allan_C was bravely fighting the soviets until he eventually got away.Template:Infobox nation


Somehow there were no casualties in the battle.

Allan_C and Runnerboy72000 took joy and amazement in the fact that they managed to survive the battle.

The battle was a Soviet victory.

The battle led to runnerboy joining the CCCP months later after refusing to help Spain fight them, due to respect for the nation that managed to pull together one of the most powerful armies in a matter of 10-20 minutes.