Socialist Unity Party of Germany

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The Socialist Unity Party of Germany was created on May the 11th, 2017. It started as the spark of reform and revolution that had been lacking in the then current German Empire.


The Socialist Unity Party in Securing the Revolution

The Socialist Unity Party had been very active in spreading the revolution around the world during the age of the German Empire and had supplied many arms and equipment to revolutionaries in need.

The Jing Revolution

The first example of this was during the Jing Revolution. The SED was the only supplier of arms and material to the ill equipped revolutionaries and even sent its own military observers far away to Asia to inspect the progress of the revolution. The rebelling forces were incompetent, and withdrawed in an Orange Scare after the Jing Emperor's personal advisor gave a fake plan to invade Japan. After this, all of the loyal players who posed as rebels left as well.

The German Revolution

Revolutionary, Ego Sum Jeffum became increasingly unhappy with Hitlar's control of Germany, despite Caarliitoo actually being in power. Adolf Hitlar imposed strict regulations on German towns, and desired them to have Nazi Banners inside. So, ego_sum_jeffum formed the German Democratic Republic headed by caarliitoo inside the already present German Empire to hopefully remove all Nazi influence from Germany. Although the GDR never attained Legitimacy the revolution quickly gained two members 73beetle, and paperpikmin who were writers for the Munich Times newspaper which became the Mouth Piece of the SED. The GDR ultimately collasped alongside the German Empire. In the wake of the collapse there was a power vaccuum across the entire region.

SED under the Republic of Germany

The SED continued to prove an important political force in the Republic of Germany, with Ego Sum Jeffum running for Chancellor and narrowly losing to Socciety. This led to the fading of the significance of the SED, compounded when the Republic of Germany later fell, and even worse when Ego Sum Jeffum was hacked and as such could not rejoin.