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Solovetsky (''Соловецкий'' in Russian) is a Town situated on an island in the white sea. Currently, it is in the nation of the Russian Empire.

Solovetsky CoA.png
Town Information
Full Name
Motto 'Остров Соловецкий-Святой, морской!'
Nation Russian Dominion
Population 1
Area 33 chunks
Continent Europe
Economic System
Official Language Russian, Дореволюционный and English
Official Religion Orthodoxy
Government Information
Mayor ArpoHell
Political System Monarchism
Historical Information
Established April 10th, 2023
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors


The Solovetsky town-island is an island located in the middle of the Russian White Sea.


After its establishment on the 10th April the Mayor renovated and rebuilt the ruined church on the island. Later that week, he expanded the territory of the Island.

From its establishment to the end of april, the main building was upgrading by the Mayor and the territory of the island was flatened and more rounded. The Town has a few sheeps and because of them, the town's chests are filled with grey and white wool.

And recently was the biggest project of the town, the building of the Walls and Solovetsky Towers. The mayor announced the building of the walls and towers on 29th of April 2023 and the the building started and ended on the 30th of April. Before the building of the walls and towers, The Mayor built an underground tunnel from the island, to the other town of Sarai. On 26th june, the mayor made a pond. Later he made some underground canals going from the pond. On 25th of August, the mayor built a wooden house on the west side of the island. The purpose of the building is still unknown.