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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Spain
Towny Name
/n list
Formed 20th April 2022
National Anthem
Motto "Plvs Vltra"
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 132 (27/04/2024)
Chunks 905
Towns 25
Capital City Zaragoza
Largest City Fenrir
Oldest City
Region Europe
Language(s) Spanish and English
Religion(s) None
Government Information
Political System Crown.png Monarchy
' Daniel I of Spain
Economic System Gold Icon.pngCapitalism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
• Unification of Castille and Aragon 24 May 2022
• British Spain 24 June 2022
• Independence of Spain 8 August 2022
• Formation of the Council 24 November 2022
• Proclamation of the Spanish Empire 11 September 2023
• Venetian Spain 7 April 2024

Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain (Spanish: Reino de España), is a sovereign country in Southwestern Europe located on the Iberian peninsula. It is led by the King of Spain Daniel I (Cursed_k13). Spain, originally founded on April 20th, 2022 by GranCapitan and EphixaTR, has been a nation full of controversy on EarthMC Terra Aurora. Spain is most notable for being involved in lots of conflicts in the past, most well known for the Spanish-Indochinese War and Spanish Civil War.

NOTE: In the the HISTORY section of table of contents below important, overarching time periods are the bolded links. Events are not bolded. Specific details of events are italicized. 


Origins of Spain (April 20th - June 25th, 2022)

Castille-Aragon Unification (May 24th, 2022)

During this first period, the nation of Spain was to be founded by GranCapitan in the town of Trujillo in the Castillian region of Spain. Conflict struck however, between GranCapitan and another player, EphixaTR (formerly Madrid), who also had intentions on being the creator and owner of Spain. Eventually, these players agreed to co-rule Spain together, as a royal monarchy duo. EphixaTR was, at this time, the owner of the nation of Spain.

Spanish-Indochinese War (June 22nd - June 25th, 2022)

During the month of June 2022, Indochina and its citizens began to massively attack citizens around the world, especially Spanish citizens. In response to these attacks, the former king of Spain, EphixaTR, gave an ultimatum to Indochina. They ignored the warning and continued attacking several Spanish cities as a group. So EphixaTR finally declared war on Indochina and all its allies. After Britain's purchase of Spain and other minor events at the local level, Indochina is declared the official winner of the war.

Spain declares war on Indochina

British Spain Period (June 25th - July 28th, 2022)

EphixaTR and GranCapitan had unchecked power in Spain at this time. Being short on gold due to their on-going conflict with the nation of Indochina and Gibraltar. This last one, a large southern Spanish town, the pair decided to become a British Territory to raise gold. This was met with the despair of many Spanish citizens. They had not checked with their peers before selling off to Spain, rather they cruelly announced to the Spanish Public that Spain was now going to be an "independent protectorate of Britain."

Spanish King, GranCapitan announces the British acquisition of Spain.

Despite the claims of a non-invasive British involvement in Spain, they had essentially sold the nation of to Britain for a measly 3000 gold. Spain was handed over to British Royalty Member, obbw, who was supposedly going to be Prince of Spain. Nation spawn was moved now to obbw's town, Aranjuez, directly bordering the north side of Madrid. Initially, the Spanish Public were open-minded to this deal, with the British making many attempts at befriending the Spaniards. Nonetheless, it became clear that the British were inactive players and that with them in charge, Spain could get nothing done -- Ministry elections were halted, never to be brought back, the nation spawn was never made useful to the Spanish nation... the list goes on. This is when the split in Spanish history occurs.

Battle of Aranjuez (June 26th, 2022)

After the purchase of Spain by the British King 32FatNeek, the next day, Prince obww and King EphixaTR organized a battle that would take place in the capital of Spain, Aranjuez. At 17:30 local time a battle begins with deaths on both sides. After almost an hour of battle, the Indochinese withdraw from the place and British Spain declared themselves the winner of the Battle of Aranjuez.

Battle of Aranjuez

Coup D'état of July (July 27th, 2022)

During this time of great unease, players Ouched (previously Goqts) of Barcelona, Valencians (previously Papi_Jaquaivus) and Pelotage (previously WoolGnu9695553) of Valencia began saving to create a new nation, one that was free of the of the British. These players acquired the gold necessary to create the nation and began reaching out to other, like-minded Spanish players (most notably Huxf and BogSnorkler (previously Benjeep) of Almeria, and Kroeguld of Fenrir. Together, the six created a new nation, Iberia under an oligarchical governmental system controlled by the Council, which consisted of Iberia's founding members. Directly after doing so, Iberia declares independence from Britain.

Iberian Creation
Founding Towns of Iberia (Council Members)

Around this time, Ouched's town is renamed from Vella to Barcelona, as the original Barcelona (of Switzerland) falls into ruins.

The Formation of Al_Andalus (July 28th, 2022)

1 day after the creation of Iberia, Gibraltar mayor, xDoly15 creates his nation of Al_Andalus. Al_Andalus and Iberia quickly join an alliance with one another in attempts to bring down British Spain.

Spanish Civil War (July 28th, 2022 - August 8th, 2022)

The Civil War was a largely diplomatic war, though it had it's fair share of battles, which, for the most part, were not documented too well. There was one major battle, though, that turned the tides: The Battle of Burgos.

British Spain Declares War on Iberia (July 28th, 2022)

British Spain, along with their British counterparts declare war on the newly formed "rebel nation" Iberia.

Spanish King, EphixaTR declares war on newly founded nation, Iberia
Spain Declares War on Iberia

Shortly after, Al_Andalus declares war on British Spain in support of their Iberian allies. This is the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

The Battle of Burgos (July 29th, 2022)

The Battle of Burgos is a key moment in the civil war -- there are a few reasons why this is. The main reason being that all three parties of the civil were involved: Iberia, Spain, and Al_Andalus. Leaders of all four nations were involved in this battle, with notable

participants being 32FatNeek (King of Britain), obbw (Owner of Spain), EphixaTR (King of Spain), Ouched (Owner of Iberia//Council Member), Huxf (Council of Iberia), Bogsnorkler (Council Member), Valencians (Council Member). There were many other

citizens of each nation involved in this battle too. It was the only battle of it's kind with all four nation leaders being involved.

The Battle of Burgos

The Battle of Burgos was fought in between the towns of Aranjuez/Madrid and Burgos -- all of which were British Spain towns. This led to lots of claim trapping. Despite this, the Iberian and Andalusian soldiers marched forth and fought. During the battle,

EphixaTR was killed by Ouched, Valencians was killed by EphixaTR, and 32FatNeek was killed by xDoly15. There were many, many other deaths from all sides, however, the British and Spanish saw the most casualties in the battle. This led to the Iberians and

Andalusians claiming a decisive victory at The Battle of Burgos.

Iberia Surpasses Spain (July 29th, 2022)

Shortly after the Battle of Burgos, many towns realize the error of Spain's new ways and flip over to the nation of Iberia. On this day, Iberia officially surpasses Spain in both residents and chunk size.

Iberia Gains the Upper Hand
Iberia Surpasses Spain in claims and residents.

Diplomatic Gains (July 29th - August 6th, 2022)

Many small skirmishes took place between these time periods, with lots of conflict and spotlight of this conflict in the public eye and media. Despite this, no large, notable battles truly took place during this time largely due to the inactivity and discoordination of Spain and Britain. Lots of negotiation attempts took place between Iberia and Britain for independence, but each time, these talks flamed out in insults and anger. Lots of claimblocking took place (e.g. Alcaraz of Britain), and overall this time involved a lot of financial and claim battles along with diplomacy towards other town owners.

32FatNeek is Banned (August 6th, 2022)

32Fatneek, the King of Britain is banned on this day, causing many more towns to leave Spain and join Iberia. Public support for Iberia is at an all time high. The Iberian Council makes an announcement:

32Fatneek, King of Britain, is banned from EarthMC.

Iberian Victory of the Civil War (August 6th-August 8th, 2022)

Throughout this 3 day period, the final remaining strongholds (e.g. Burgos, Salamanca, etc.) of British Spain eventually come to join Iberia. On August 8th, 2022, Iberia declares victory over the civil war and independence as well as the legitimate Spain. Iberia additionally reaches nation list page one. The Iberian council offers a plea deal to Britain:

Iberia Declares Victory Over the Spanish Civil War

Iberia demonstrated a clear show of power in their decisive, rapid victory over the British in the civil war. As a result, they name the 8th of each month as their independence day, which is also the day that their elections take place each month. The British go on to decline their plea deal and hold on onto the nation of Spain and their remaining claimblock towns to spite the new Iberian victors. This would engage the Iberians in a many month long journey to take their rightful name of Spain and to acquire the few remaining claimblock towns, most notably, Alcaraz. After the war, tensions began to rise between Iberia and Al_Andalus with the both of them butting heads at every which turn.

Spanish Period of Inactivity (August 22nd - November 24th, 2022)

Sadly, after winning the war, due to school and college apps, the council of Spain goes largely inactive for a large period of time, causing the remaining active members of Iberia to join Al_Andalus. In light of this, Al_Andalus is renamed to Spanish Kingdom. During this time, the Al_Andalusian king, xDoly15, is banned, prompting civil strife within Spanish_Kingdom, Spanish_Kingdom holds an election for who will lead and own the nation after the banning of xDoly15, and a player, Ushkaa, wins the election and is the new King of Spanish Kingdom.

Spanish Council Returns to Form (November 24th, 2022)

On the 24th, the council of Iberia announces their thoughts on the now powerhouse nation, Spanish Kingdom, and with this announcement, once again become invested in EarthMC, hoping to have diplomatic talks with Spanish_Kingdom, which, for the most part, fell through at every turn. Iberia and Spanish_Kingdom had struggles seeing eye to eye.

Iberia Acquires Spain (November 27th, 2022)

At some point during Iberia's sabbatical from EarthMC, Spain was sold to the king of Italy, Lervain. Lervain hoped to create a new Spain powerhouse under him as a monarch, but quickly realized that this would not be possible in arguably one of the most tense areas on EarthMC. After realizing this, Lervain, who disliked the leaders of Spanish_Kingdom, struck up a deal with the Council of Iberia: Spain, along with the town of Aurora (formerly Aranjuez), would be sold to Iberia for 3600 gold and the nation of Iberia - the Council member Woolgnu9695553 was the one that mined most of the gold necessary for this. This trade was made promptly after some trips to the mines, and Iberia became Spain. Lervain, now owning Iberia, renamed the nation to Luxor and moved it far away from the Iberian Peninsula.

Spain and Spanish Kingdom Unify (December 24th, 2022 - December 27th, 2022)

After lots of talks and disagreement, finally, the Council of Spain announces that they had been working with Ushkaa (Owner of Spanish Kingdom), Kvrck (Madrid, Spanish Kingdom Noble), and Jupiter552 (Burgos, Spanish Kingdom Noble), and they had come to terms of unification. Spanish Kingdom and Spain finally unify, bringing an end to civil strife within the Iberian Peninsula, and finalizing a long-running saga of division of power and greed.

Spain and Spanish Kingdom Unify

Terms of Agreement

The terms of agreement for this unification would be that Spain goes fully democratic. The Council of Spain effectively would forfeit their power, and their new function would be to run elections and make sure that no one ruler can do too much harm to Spain. The president of Spain, who would be elected by the people, would be the true holder of power in Spain. Seeing as this deal finalized on the 24th of December, it was agreed upon that Ushkaa would be the first president until January 8th, 2023.

Spanish Renaissance (December 27th, 2022 - September 11th, 2023)

During this time, the Spanish Council spent lots of time mining gold for one specific reason -- Alcaraz. Alcaraz is a town founded by Britain with the sole intent to claimblock the old nation leaders of Iberia. After Britain was sold to infamous player, Argues, Ouched reached out and inquired about buying Alcaraz. Eventually, the two parties struck a deal to have Spain acquire Alcaraz. Additionally, during this time period, Gibraltar finally was going to fall into ruin after xDoly15 was banned -- the 42 day time period was up. Most of this Renaissance period took place on New Years Eve -- December 31st, 2022.

December 31st, 2022

The first day of true fruition and realization of the efforts of the Renaissance period in Spain was on this day, December 31st, 2022. Spain announces that the 31st of each month will be a national holiday -- El Dia del Exito.

Gibraltar and the Turks

On this day, Gibraltar was automatically transferred to new mayor, nAdemkrky_. The new mayor joined Spain along with a few of his neighbours, who were some of the final towns not part of Spain. This saw an increase in size and diversity of Spain, with a majority of the turkish playerbase of the Iberian peninsula finally uniting under Spain. From this, Spain grew in size around 900 chunks


On this day, Alcaraz was finally acquired by the Spanish Council for around 6000 gold. This represented the final British stronghold town in Spain finally falling and joining Spain, showing a truly United Spain. This destroyed a long-standing barrier that stood between eastern and western Spain, which had previously been blocked by other towns not part of the larger Spain. Finally, all of Spain was connected.


Ouched reached out to long time EarthMC friend, socialistcanada (King of Switzerland), and Switzerland agreed to become a Spanish territory, effectively increasing the size of Spain's dominion and influence.

Spain (pictured in yellow) at the end of December 31st, 2022.

January 1st, 2023

Switzerland announces that they are joining Spain.

January 8th, 2023

Ouched becomes first democratically elected leader of Spain.

January 13th, 2023

Luxor joins Spain as a territory.

January 14th, 2023

Spanish territory, Atlas Cove, moves to a new island, and is renamed to Antarctic Lands

Spanish-Great Moroccan War (August 29th, 2023 - October 6th, 2023)

After the theft of miles of gold from a Spanish citizen, the player Redkay creates the nation of Greater Morocco located in Western Sahara, so Spain decides to declare war. After 2 months of an inactive war, Spain manages to buy Great_Morocco, the only war in Spain to date in which there was no direct confrontation

Spanish Imperial Age (September 11th, 2023 - December 28th, 2023)

Creation of the Spanish Empire (September 11th, 2023)

The Republic of Spain and Kingdom of Patagonia, created the Spanish Empire, an empire that is known to be the only one to be present on all 6 continents of EarthMC. The principal lands of this empire are: Spain, Patagonia, Tlemcen, Algeria, Valencia, Saudi Arabia, Santa Cruz, Inca, El Oro, Venezuela, Guarajat, Bismarck, Moline, California, and East Timor.

Antarctic-Spanish War (October 13th - October 16th, 2023)

Spanish ocuppation of South Georgia (October 13th, 2023)

The Occupation of South Georgia began when the town of Falklands, a Patagonian town, claimed a part of the South Georgian island which was claimed by the AU-member state SGSSI. After this event the AU government wanted to secure the nether so they sent 5 players there. The battle ended with Spansh victory, as at the end they encircled the town of Grytviken - the SGSSI capital.

Ambush in the Nether (October 14th, 2022)

After the Occupation of South Georgia, Antarctic Union sent 5 soldiers to the Nether to protect and secure the Nether. However, these 5 soldiers were ambushed by 3 Spanish soldiers resulting in the antarctic declaration of war.

Antarctic counter-offensive in South Georgia (October 16th, 2023)

Battle of South Georgia began shortly after the war was announced. Despite the Spanish Empire rejecting the war, they still engaged in hunting Antarctic residents. The battle was to push back the Patagonian occupation from the island of South Georgia. Because the town of Falklands was illegally claimblocking the town of Grytviken and abusing the towny unclaim feature, the Antarcticians were easily able to report them. The battle ended with Antarctic victory, as there were no more colonies on the island.

Colonization of Greenland (November 18th, 2023)

Spanish explorers established the first Arctic base in the Greenland region, thus beginning Spanish colonization of the Arctic continent.

Lervain buys Switzerland (November 29th, 2023)

Lervain, after selling the nation of California, decided to buy Switzerland and join Spanish Empire as a vicerroyalty.

Falldown of the Spanish Empire (December 1st - December 26th, 2023)

Desperate attempt to recruit new citizens (December 1st, 2023)

The Government of Spain begins the largest recruitment drive in the country's history, with great prizes. This was the most desperate attempt by the Spanish Empire to get new citizens before the start of the overclaim.

Tensions in the central Government (December 26th at 3:30pm, 2023)

The government of Spain called a national emergency meeting, due to the failure of the recruitment drive, in this meeting they decided the final future of the Spanish nation.

Fall of Spanish Empire (December 26th at 8:00pm, 2023)

The leaders of Spain make an agreement with Patagonia to end the Spanish empire, and they unclaim most of the cities of Spain, leaving the country in complete chaos and anarchy.

Spanish-Aragonese Conflict (August 14th, 2022 - December 31st, 2023)

Zaragoza Independence (August 14th, 2022)

UltraKose creates the new independent nation of Aragon with the capital city being in Zaragoza.

Aragonese declaration of war (July 22nd, 2023)

Aragon, a country which was formerly part of the Spanish Republic, declares war against all Spain and its allies.

The War of the 4 days (August 31st - September 3rd, 2023)

Huxf, spanish council leader, declares war to the Anti-Spain Union founded by Aragon. 4 days after the declaration of war, a battle was organized in the african city of Melilla. The Aragonese did not show up in the battle except 2 people. Spain won the Battle of Melilla (Tlecmen) against Anti-Spain Union, with 3 deaths from Anti-Spain Union side.

Treaty of peace with Aragon (December 31st, 2023)

After the complete fall of the Spanish Empire, the remaining rulers, seeing the complexity of the situation, decide to make a peace treaty with Aragon, ending the historic war.

Venetian Spain Period (December 26th, 2023 - Ongoing)



Spain is a Venetian province/kingdom whose king/leader is 32Luis.

Historical Presidents:

Ushkaa (December 24th, 2022 -- January 8th, 2023) 
Ouched (January 8th, 2023 -- August 10th, 2023)
Huxf (August 10th, 2023 -- December 26th, 2023)

Historical Vice Presidents:

Gris1gr (January 8th, 2023 -- February 24th, 2023)

Historical Council Members:

Pelotage (Originally Woolgnu9695553)

Election History

January, 2023

In the month of January, we saw 5 players campaign for the position of El Presidente of Spain. These players were: WishFM, Huxf, Gris1gr, PlaceReporter99, and Ouched.

Constitution of Spain


From being known as rebels, forming the nation Iberia to challenge the loss of our independence and  now reclaiming our nation from our negligent british rulers & uniting with the other breakaway nation of Spanish Kingdom, we write this constitution to give the Spanish peoples the rights and freedoms they are entitled to by birthright.

Article 1 -- National Sovereignty

Spain will never give up its sovereignty henceforth, nor will it ever be under the control of any other nation. We will be ruled by our people. Never will the horrid mistakes made in the past will happen with this reformed nation.

Article 2 -- Regulations

Spain is to be regulated by its government, which was designed and structured upon the new age of Spain.

Government will regulate:

  • Overseas territories
  • Borders
  • Foreign Diplomacies
  • Internal Strifes
  • Funding
  • Projects

Article 3 -- Laws

The laws of the lands are quite simplistic and subject to change, updates within the constitution as a whole will always be announced to the Citizens.

  1. It’s illegal to kill any other Spanish Citizen without just-cause. Response is judged by the Prime Minister or responsible Minister if appointed, evidence is reviewed and the story of both parties involved questioned.
  2. It’s forbidden to steal from any other Spanish Citizen. There is never an excuse to this, if someone steals from you, to do the same doesn’t hold you in different standing to the accused.
  3. Treat all other citizens with respect, if you’re found to be stirring up trouble deliberately at the cost of others you will be judged by the government on your actions.

If any laws are broken, report to the government and an investigation will take place to find out what happened and finally if found guilty it will result in a warning, fine or banishment from Spain.

Article 4 -- Democracy

Elections are to be held on the 8th of every month, the significance being the day our Independence was won. The election will be to appoint a new President, this President has control of all regulations as stated above. In extreme cases including but not limited to war, exile and allying with other nations a vote will be cast with all mayors and council present, a ⅔ majority  needed for the decision to pass.  

There are no other mandatory government positions however if a President see’s fit they may appoint roles to other members of the nation if they agree to the position. These positions can be announced throughout the President's term and run to the end of their term. At the end of the term if there is a new Prime Minister voted in they have the power to remove the Ministers/roles or to appoint new ministers/roles as they see fit.

The role of President is the highest ranking that can be achieved by any Spanish citizen. Their job is to ultimately serve the people of Spain and bring about the progression of our nation. All elections will be managed by the Council of Democratic Integrity , who will hold power over the election process to ensure there’s no corruption within the government & delays in re-election of parties. The Council will oversee the voting process and collect votes from all Spanish Citizens, the winning parties will be placed within the Spanish Government and receive their relative role. A member of the Council of Democratic Integrity is able to run for President.

The runner-up of the election will be awarded the role of Vice President of Spain.

Article 5 -- Territories

All members and owners of Spanish Territories will be given the same rights as Spanish Citizens and will be able to participate in government activity and elections. They’re seen as merely an extension of our territory.

Article 6 -- Impeachment

If the Mayors of Spain and the Council of Democratic Integrity feel as though the current Prime Minister is not fulfilling their duties or have used their power unjustly, an impeachment process can start. A vote will be cast and if it passes with a ¾ majority the Prime Minister will be removed from office. An emergency cabinet will be appointed in this case.

Article 7 -- Amendments

If the occasion arises that amendments must be made to the Spanish Constitution there is a process in place to bring about change. A proposal of policy change is suggested and is then discussed between the Minister/s and the Council. A vote is taken and if unanimous then amendments will be made.

To keep the integrity of the Spanish Government, all proceedings for amendments must be made public to the citizens and will be kept archived for the history of our nation.

Article 8 -- The Spanish Central Bank

The Spanish Central Bank controls all financial matters of the country, this includes Debt Financing, Debt Issuing, Acquisitions of other towns/nations on behalf of Spain, Mergers and Acquisitions of towns/nations on behalf of other nations and internal loans.

  • Debt Financing - Involves the raising of capital from other nations to use in national projects agreed upon by the government.
  • Debt Issuing - The Spanish Central Bank may also issue capital to other nations based on an agreed rate of interest and collateral.
  • Acquisitions of other towns/nations on behalf of Spain - The Bank will  finance and negotiate acquisitions of towns or foreign territories.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions of towns/nations on behalf of other nations - The Spanish Central Bank may act as an intermediary for other nations or towns who are looking to merge or acquire other towns/nations for an agreed rate of commission.
  • Internal Loans - Spanish Citizens may apply for loans through the funding request channel, this will be funded by the Central Bank and the Interest if any decided by the Central Bank.

Funding - The funds of the Central Bank will be composed of capital gained through the streams listed above and donations from Spanish Citizens not Taxes, there will be a fountain in the nation's Capital to donate gold to the Central Bank.

Spanish Flags

First Spanish Flag (November 27th, 2022 - August 14th, 2023)

This Spanish Flag, missing it's Coat of Arms, is a testament to it's true and final form of unification. Spain had been split up into many factions for a very long time, all under different flags. Some had Coat of Arms, others didn't, however, the newly formed Spain did not want to select just one Coat of Arms from their many options, rather they wanted to signify unity by leaving out a Coat of Arms on their flag. This is a new Spain. A new republic. A new present, and a new future.

Spanish Empire Flag (August 14th, 2023 - Ongoing)

Since the creation of the Spanish Empire, the two sides decided to have this ancient flag that in real life was used to symbolize faith, homeland and strength.

National Holidays

Independence Day

Spanish Independence day is celebrated the 8th of each month as a tribute to the day they declared victory, and therefore guaranteed sovereignty from Britain and then British-Spain (August 8th, 2022). This is also the day that they conclude voting and election procedures and have the new (or incumbent) president move into office.

El Dia del Éxito

El Dia del Éxito, or The Day of Success in English, recognizes Spain's arguably most successful day in history, December 31st, 2022. This is the day that they acquired Alcaraz, and unified with Gibraltar, Ciudad Real, and Huelva, as well as finalized talks with Switzerland. It is celebrated on the 31st of each month, on those months with 31 days. It is not celebrated on months without a 31st day.

Notable People

  • Ouched
  • Pelotage
  • Gran_Capitan
  • Huxf
  • Jupiter_552
  • xDolunay15
  • Aracnedix
  • Ushka
  • EphixaTR
  • BogSnorkler