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Spanish Empire
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Spanish Empire
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem Marcha Real


Motto Plus ultra

(English.jpg Further beyond)

Population 258 (March 19 2022)
Chunks 9808 (March 19 2022)
Capital City Madridcoa.pngMadrid
Largest City 1. Madrid

2. Porto
3. Bilbao
4. Malaga
5. Zaragoza

Oldest City Cadizcoa.pngCadiz Liberal
Government Information
Political System Crown.png Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalist
Army Size
Part of Europa Pact
Historical Information

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Spain, officially the Spanish Empire (Spanish: Imperio Español), is a country in Southwestern Europe located on the Iberian peninsula. It is constituted as a monarchy led by King 32Pengun, with the capital being Madrid. Spain borders with France to the north, as well as The Netherlands and Austria in its Dutch territories. In Morocco it borders with Carthage. In the viceroyalties of South America it borders the Brazilian Republic and Cuba. Regarding the Viceroyalty of Angola, it borders Acadia and Nubia.



The nation of Spain was planned to have been founded a week after Terra Nova's release, but many of the main members having to deal with exams IRL delayed it until September 16, 2018. Everything was going well until the 18th of November 2018, when Zqppy came back and was made the new King of Spain. However, he didn't have the same hype he had in July 2017 when he made Spain on EMC classic, so he resigned, giving up his throne to EchoOcelot.

The first collapse

This began the period referred to in Spanish history as the first collapse, in which Spain totally collapsed due to EchoOcelot refusing to accept Spain’s demand to resign. After rebellions on the 22nd of November, EchoOcelot moved the capital to The Hague and renamed the country to the Netherlands, making the Spanish cities rebel and begin gathering gold.

The saving took up to 15 days, because of only a few, mainly NSGamer_, IronFerreumCubum, and Pulpo_Pol being able to get online and gather gold. However, on December 5 2018, this effort was justified despite all the trouble. The new country of Spain was made, this time under the administration of NSGamer_, who had previously ruled over Spain in Classic until May/June 2018.


On the week of Resurrection, as Spaniards call the week in which Spain was founded again, the Spanish government established relations with France. The government had also been aiding the Byzantines against the Ottoman Turks but remained neutral in most ongoing conflicts.

Spain suffered some changes, with the peaceful independence of the Philippines and the incorporation of Florida. The Spanish Army fought the Battle of Flanders against Jevil and managed to get him to retreat, at the cost of a fallen soldier.

The Spanish triumphed over locals and Echo's Netherlands at the Low Countries, managing to own Flanders, Wallonia, Utrecht, and the last of these, Leeuwarden, which was bought for 32 gold.

Colonization and a new king

On December 6, 2018, king NSGamer_ abdicated and traveled to the Caribbean to make the Spanish Antilles, a young yet promising colony. Another overseas kingdom, Perú, was going to be created soon, but that never happened. Ferreo I was appointed as the new King of Spain and the capital was moved to Cadiz.

The second collapse

Since the new king came, Spain starting declining with all the mayors going inactive and tons of towns falling. NSGamer_ even quit causing the Spanish Antilles to fall. Spain quickly turned into a dead nation with just a few small towns across the peninsula and an inactive king.


The Crown of Aragon at it's height around March 2019

The big city of Perpignan led by 32Pengun started the nation of Aragon in eastern Iberia. It took control over multiple cities of Spain, such as New Madrid, Valencia, and the Balearics islands in a short amount of time. New cities were started by Aragon such as Zaragoza, Pamiers and La Marina, to strengthen it's grip over Eastern Spain. Aragon also grew closer with Portugal as 32Pengun and iDa3m0n became better friends over time and both fought against Spain.

Days later, the nation of Spain was sold by Ferreo I to Zqppy and was moved to Italy. Aragon took this as a chance to grow and invited all leftover Spanish towns promising a new and stronger Spain. Many towns accepted and Aragon was named to Hispania, which was then later quickly named to Spain when the name became available. Castellon became the new capital, which is known as Madrid today.


The new Spain slowly started growing due to new cities being planted all across it. It started the expansion around the globe and into Morocco and also started a defensive pact with the GRE and France known as The Triumvirate aiming to stand stronger together. Spain started to become a relevant and decent European nation.

Iberian unification

On the 3rd of November, 2019, a Portuguese-owned town in Galicia left Spain for Portugal, officially breaking the border agreement between the two nations. Spain ultimately demanded Portugal to remove the town. Portugal didn't cede, and on November 6 Spain declared war, beginning The Iberian War. Shortly after the declaration enemies of Spain like Britain and the German Empire announced their support for Portugal, with Portugal receiving military support mainly from Britain. During this war, Spain also united with the rebel nation of Castile after it was sold to them. Since then, most Portuguese players were banned for doxxing. It was later found out they also duplicated gold to win the war and collaborated with alts. These bans secured an easy victory for Spain, but the war is still ongoing as some Portuguese players refuse to surrender. On January 16, 2021, Portugal laid down its arms and joined Spain as an autonomous province, and was later fully annexed after President 32BGuns scammed the Portuguese leader into giving him Portugal. Today, as most Portuguese players either left the server or moved to Brazil, only a few remain in Lisbon. The remaining Portuguese players enjoy the same rights as any other peninsular citizen.

Coalition of Europe

After a peace deal with Britain and the GRE, it was decided to form a pact to fight against rebel nations inside each others territory. Spain and France joined this pact and it was officially formed on January 3, 2020. With that said, Spain declared war on all rebel nations of the other countries. On October 27 Britain left the pact as it saw the pact as useless and annoying. Since then the pact went very inactive and was later reformed into Europa Pact.

Europa Pact


On December 19, 2020, Spain reformed the Coalition of Europe into the Europa Pact alongside Austria, Germany, France and the GRE. Its aim was to further protect the stability of Europe and stop any threat from entering each others borders. Terra Mariana was later added to the pact aswell.

Uruguayan crisis

With Uruguay getting a new leader after getting sold for a low price, it declared its independence from Brazil. Brazil did not want to tolerate it but was forced to after Spain and some of its European allies announced their support for Uruguay. After officially gaining its independence from Brazil, Uruguay joined Spain as a viceroyalty and was later intergrated into La Plata aswell.

Hispanic unification

After almost 2 years of being seperated, the Latin American community of EarthMC and Spain decided to unite under 1 strong empire with the nations of Argentina, Chile, Peru and Paraguay joining as viceroyalties. This added almost 4000 chunks, 28 towns and 90 residents to the empire.

Conflict with Caesariensis

On May 20, 2021, Caesariensis planted a town over the agreed border with Spain called Chercell. Negotiations started with Mzak proposing a new border, but he later deleted all of his messages and left the group chat. Around a week later the Spanish started daily raids on the town of Cherchell and planted 2 towns in Caesariensis's territory. The Spanish regularely received help from unknown pvpers and soldiers from the viceroyalties, mainly from Colombia. However, as Mzak stopped talking everywhere Caesariensis started to slowly die out with Mzak even quitting. This lead Chercell to make it's own nation called Algeria. It was quickly found out that the nation of Algeria was funded by Nubia, a nation that had been backing up the town of Cherchell against Spain's raids. This worsened Spanish-Nubian relations as Nubia would now have directly invaded Spanish lands.

War with France

Spain, alongside the Europa Pact, voted to declare war on France after its refusal to kick towns in Austria, Spain, and the GRE, officially breaking their border agreements. One of the border violating towns was in the Pyrenees. France quickly lost Bordeaux and Cagliari to Spain, Corsica to Italia and Carcassonne to Austria due to internal unrest and negative opinions on the French leader Megali.



The nation of Spain, located in southern Europe, consists out of the Iberian peninsula, the Balearic and Canary islands, and Morocco. It borders with France to the north, as well as The Netherlands and Germany in it's Dutch territories. Spain is the third largest nation in Europe and the world in terms of chunks, behind SPQR and Britain. The nation has 42 towns and is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean.

Mainland Spain is a mountainous country, dominated by high plateaus and mountain chains all over the Iberian peninsula. That makes the city of Madrid one of the highest laying capital cities in all of Europe. Spain's biome is mostly a desert biome, with dry grass and sand forming the landscape. In the greener northern Spain is a forest biome, consisting out of grass and mountains. Spain's southern Moroccan coasts have a similar biome to the mainland one, but that quickly changes once entering the dry sahara desert.

The South American viceroyalties, Angola, and Guinea mostly have jungle, mediterranean, and desert biomes. La Plata's west coast is also mostly covered with high mountains.


On July 15, 2020, the first Spanish Constitution was ratified by the people and the King of Spain. This constitution would revamp democracy in Spain and its Viceroyalties and affirmed many things such as freedom of speech, a representative government, religious freedom, economic freedom, and monthly ministerial elections. It also introducted many new ranks and royal titles, such as Prince, Crown Prince, Prime Minister, and Minister.

Spanish Government

The Spanish Government consists out the King (Rey), an elected President (Presidente del Consejo) and 5 democratically elected ministers.

The duties of the Government are:

King - Head of the state. The position of Head of state can be inherited by any member of the Royal Family appointed as successor by the ruling king.

President/Prime minister - Head of the government. The president is tasked with ensuring the correct performance of the elected ministries of the Real Consejo according to the Constitution and the laws of the Nation. The occupier of the office is also entitled to make public appearances in representation of the country.

Ministers - The 5 Ministry positions are voted by the people of Spain. The ministries closely cooperate between each other for the well being of the country.

Minister of Interior: ensuring the compliance with law of all citizens and making laws to build a better State. It will also supervise organizations operating in Spain by making a registry of them.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: develop and direct the policy of the State towards other nations.

Minister of Economy: Managing funds for public projects, guarantee the economic health of the country and developing economic relations with both internal and external economic parties to attract investment and commerce to Spain.

Minister of Defense and Security: Protecting the country against external and internal threats.

Minister of Infrastructure and Tourism: Building and maintaining public works such as roads, monuments, etc. This ministry will also be responsible for promoting Spain worldwide.

  • King 32Pengun
  • President 32Luis
  • Minister of Interior: Gran Capitan
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Jeelow
  • Minister of Economy: Loleilooo
  • Minister of Defense & Security: GMJ1
  • Minister of Infrastructure & Tourism: 32Cragno


Map of the Spanish Empire as of November 2021, including all of its provinces and viceroyalties

A province is a nation made in an area which the Spanish nation range (3000 blocks) cannot reach. Every province has a governor who leads the nation while being loyal to the Spanish monarchy.

Spain currently has 2 province, which are Canarias and Portugal. There has also been a province in the past lasting over a year which was Catalonia, but later fell due to inactivity and was fully taken over by Spain.

Catalonia was an autonomous Spanish province region located in northern Iberia. Catalonia wanted independence, but the King immediately rejected the plan. However, after long talks, CrossTwinz and Pengun came to an agreement to have Catalonia as an in-game nation, but officially as a province of Spain.

The nation of Canarias is an overseas province of Spain located on the canary islands, a region the Spanish nation range can't reach. The current governor is Grsy.

The nation of Portugal is an autonomous province which joined Spain on January 16, 2021, officially ending the Iberian war. It is now located in an ocean town to serve as an /n spawn for the city of Porto.


A viceroyalty is a local, political, social, and administrative institution, created by the Spanish monarchy for ruling its overseas territories. The administration over the vast territories of the Spanish Empire is carried out by Viceroys, who become governors of an area, which is considered not as a colony but as a province of the empire, with the same rights as any other province in Peninsular Spain.

Spain currently has 8 viceroyalties, which are Guinea, Iberian Angola, Spanish Antilles, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia and Colombia

Royal family

Portrait of Rey 32Pengun drawn by Italian artist themirro1

The House of Habsburg is the reigning royal house of Spain. The current Spanish royal family consists of the king, King 32Pengun, the Crownprince Jeelow , and the 3 other princes 32Luis, ESPFORCE, and Gran Capitan. The official Royal Palace is the Palacio de Liria, located in Madrid. However, there are plans to replace this palace with the famous Palacio Real de Madrid.


Spain is currently part of the Europa Pact alongside the Greater Roman Empire and the German Confederation. It also has defensive alliances with the Mexican Empire, the Philippines, and Brazil. The Greater Roman Empire has been allied with Spain since 2019 and is considered it's closest ally. Spain also currently holds hostile relations with most members of the IDC due to their constant hostility against it's allies, Nubia due to their multiple border violations, and Britain, which it cut all diplomatic ties with on February 26 during the Accordo Crisis due to their past behaviour. Friendly and neutral relations are also held with countries such as France, Cuba, and Japan, despite having a bad history with some.


Logo of the Spanish Armed Forces

The Fuerzas Armadas Españolas (Spanish Armed Forces) is the military of Spain and are in charge of guaranteeing the sovereignty and independence of the empire. It exists out of all the enlisted soldiers. The military has 3 important ranks:

  • King fights in battle, can command the general and soldiers
  • Minister of Defence and Security organizes the defence of the country, can appoint soldiers and generals
  • General fights in the battles, can command soldiers
  • Soldier fights in battle and follows commands (a god set and a god sword is required)

Spanish army

  • King 32Pengun
  • Minister of Defence and Security GMJ1

In case of war, everybody able to cooperate is expected to help