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Perpignan is a town in France owned by Spain after Aragon formed Spain. Its mostly known for its history, and their endless war against france.


Perpignan was made by Pengun78 and 32Gold on November 19 2018 after they both decided to leave their old towns and make a new one. Pengun left Cyprus, as Byzantium decided to attempt to take the island away of him. It ended up being split, but Pengun decided to movem 32 moved and scrapped his Arabia idea, as he got tired of all the sand. When Perpignan was made, they immediately joined Nazi Germany as Adolf Hitlar gave them freedom which they liked. Perpignan jailed a lot of new people to demand gold from them, mostly the French. They also jailed _Slaid, but 32Gold released him as he's a very epic gamer. Perpignan got rich because of mining, voting, and selling god gear. Since then they rapidly expand.


The fights between Lyon and Perpignan started due to French king Caeso not meeting demands. An epic gamer battle happened 12/19/18



Perpignan does not have any big or important buildings.

The building style is stone brick, quartz pillars, and sandstone.

Heres an example:

Notable People

  • _Slaid
  • Pengun78
  • 32Gold

Cool gamer screenshots that look epic

2018-12-09 18.46.33.png

this is the old perpignan, which is now all gone, everything is rebuilt and all those buildings dont exist anymore

2018-12-20 18.49.16.png
2018-12-20 18.50.52.png
2018-12-20 18.52.08.png
2018-12-20 18.53.41.png