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St. Louis was established by BurtonsProtege on 4/20/2019 with the help of LittleMining, the Kansas City Mayor (Thank you). St. Louis is in the Midwest territory and has two members so far. There are two buildings, an arch, a fountain, free "take one, leave one" boxes for the farm and the entrance way. St. Louis is constantly expanding.


Early History

St. Louis was established on 4/20/2019 when BurtonsProtege and elementsixmusic were playing EarthMC and wanted to establish STL. We built two houses and along came LittleMining who helped our dreams come true. LittleMining gave us enough to landclaim and create St. Louis.

On 4/21/2019 St. Louis mayor BurtonsProtege was attacked by a person who lured them out from their house into the wilderness. This person hit BurtonsProtege until they died and stole their loot. When BurtonsProtege respawned a fellow friend gave them a diamond axe. With the diamond axe, BurtonsProtege would mine and find more loot and secret tunnels that go underground.

On 4/22/2019 BurtonsProtege expanded the STL territory and established it with stone blocks.

On 4/23/2019 BurtonsProtege was slain twice. She is now on a quest to create a list of places people can spawn safely to. STL expanded once again. BurtonsProtege tore down her old building and created a new one, along with a new fountain, a few roads, and free boxes for people to "take one, give one" of seeds and items.


BurtonsProtege: a two story home made only of cobblestone. This building is connected to a main road that leads people to STL.

Elementsixmusic home: a one story home with glass in the middle, a small quaint place to stay in.

The Arch: The STL Arch is one of the most notable monuments in STL, so we replicated it. It has two sound blocks on each corner, and a river in the middle for aesthetic.

Notable People

BurtonsProtege- Mayor

Elementsixmusic- Resident, Assistant

LittleMining- funded the establishment of STL. /t St_Louis





here are some pics-

Roadway to STL.PNG
Roadway into STL (Blue Mirrors).PNG
Past the Roadway, Into the City.PNG
First Two Residents Buildings.PNG
Side View of Town.PNG
Arch (first built).PNG
MudSculpture "The MINING Man".PNG

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