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Starcups Holdings

Starcups is a company based on Newark, NJ that mainly operates in Europe and North America that offers a large variety of products as well as high quality snacks and items. Although most of our cafes are under construction or redesign to make them more effective and reach the customer needs and our main goals: Satisfy our customers needs as well as offering the best quality products at the cheapest price, as the experience is also important, we are working hard to create the "Starcups Experience"; basically, it is the effect our cafes give to our customers.

Starcups closed in Late 2020.


  • Starcups Vending
  • Starcups Maparts

List of cafes:

- New York Rockefeller

- Cornwall Isles spawn

- Island spawn

- Longyearbyen

- Nova Scotia spawn

List of HQs:

- Coffee Building (located at LA, california spawn)