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Nation Ukraine
Town Sevastopol
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SuperHappyBros in front of the Brandenburg Gate, Late 2021

SuperHappyBros is a influential player in Earthmc History. He is best well known for being one the last remaining classic players (October 20, 2017 start date), Being President of the United States during the Aceshooter crisis, Leader and founder of Green Bay and leader of the Earthmc worldspawn, and selling Green Bay to Cencius for 6,500 gold (One of the largest gold transfers to date on the server)


SuperHappyBros Joined on October 20, 2017 before the reset. His first town was in Alania with PolkadotBlueBear as his mayor. There they formed a friendship that still exists today. Then, he founded Barrow, Alaska in classic and was known to lead various raids during the Alaskan-Spanish War. During his time in classic he was rumored to figure out who Adolf_Hitlar really was before his ban. Apon the reset, SuperHappyBros founded Green Bay.

Green Bay and USA Era

SuperHappyBros's Res data

SuperHappyBros founded Green Bay around 2018, starting as a relativley small town. As it grew, it began to have a larger and larger name for it's self. By this point he had began making a name for himself on Earthmc politics and as being a veteran player was welcomed into circles. In 2019 duirng the Aceshooter incident, everyone in the USA discord was banned for participating in a exploit that lead to player data being leaked except SuperHappyBros. After being questioned, it was found SuperHappyBros had no involvement with the exploit and assumed Presidenticy of the United States. A day later he gave the Presidentcy to inactive player named TheSpiderKitty and which effectivly disbanded the USA. SuperHappyBros accounted later saying he didn't want to be associated with them which lead to him giving up the presidency. Around 2020 people began to catch on that a site in the northwest corner of the town, layed 4 chunks every player spawned on and a freenzy began to make shops around the town. Apon taking a break, the temporary owner of Green Bay exploited the world spawn which then was moved to a new area of the server.

Selling Green Bay and Konigsberg Era

SuperHappyBros after months of inactivity eventually sold the town after reciving hunderds of offers from players. Cencius bought the town for 6500 gold and he moved after this and founded a town called Tilsit. He became great friends with AurelianCraft and quickly rose the ranks of German Empire Politics. He became Chancellor of the German_Empire (Renamed Prussia). His town was renamed Konigsberg when Konigsberg fell, and absorbed much of it then.

Sevastopol Era

When Aurora came out, SuperHappyBros was online the very second of Launch. He had is sights on Crimea, and Sevastopol was the 5th town of all of Terra Aurora created. He began grinding to expand the town rapidly to claim all of Crimea, which at the time of writing he is nearly complete with!


Towns SuperHappyBros has been in Before

  • Alania, Georgia
  • Barrow, Alaska
  • Dakar, Senegal
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Konigsberg, Prussia
  • Sevastopol, Ukraine