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Svalbard is a town apart of the nation of Norway. It is in the islands above Europe. It was founded by SmallGraydonGuy and MurderInc465.

Town Information
Full Name Svalbard
Motto Mine and Drink
Nation Norway
Population 4
Area 5 chunks
Coordinates 1953 / 96 / -14851
Continent Europe
Economic System Stealthism
Official Language
  • Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor SmallGraydonGuy
Councillors MurderInc465 & Stealth222
Political System Monarchy
Historical Information
Established June 20th, 2022
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors


Early History (Launch)

Svalbard began on June 20th, 2022. MurderInc465 and SmallGraydonGuy wanted a new challenge and joined EarthMC. Their first day they spent most of their time traveling to the islands. On their second day they got enough gold to start their new town. They named it Svalbard after the real islands. On the third day they built The Booze cellar and joined the nation of Norway.


The Booze Cellar

The Booze Cellar was the first true building constructed in Svalbard. It is a pub with an inn upstairs and a vault downstairs. It was built by MurderInc465 while SmallGraydonGuy stood around and watched. The Booze Cellar. The bar is run by Fran├žois the iron golem.

2022-06-23 21.36.19.png

The You-Crane

The You-Crane was the second building constructed. It hangs the sign advertising The Booze Cellar. It was once again constructed by MurderInc465 while SmallGraydonGuy stood around and watched.

2022-06-23 21.35.44.png