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TheWalkingKing, also known as King, Walking or Kingo, was a hitman, bodyguard and dictator.

He is famous for being the Pharaoh of Egypt from July 25 to November 25 2017.

As Pharaoh of Egypt, TheWalkingKing became one of the most powerful players in the history of the server. He officially got permanently banned on November 25.


When he started on the server, he first wanted to make a town on the unclaimed Indonesian island Sulawesi.

He later got recruited to PineAppleHaven, where he collected enough gold to make a town.

His first town was located in south-east Egypt, and was first called WalkingKing but later got renamed to Golden State.

TheWalkingKing was growing fast in Golden State, and then became co-leader in Egypt.

On August 13 2017, he decided to disband Golden State and moved to Cairo to become the leader of Egypt.

During the first days in the world politics, he decided to reclaim the ruins of ancient towns and make it functional again.

TheWalkingKing was the Egyptian Pharaoh during the Egyptian crisis, wich made him hated in some parts of the world. He was also the mastermind behind the Egyptian population growth, wich made Egypt the largest country by population in the world.

He was mostly famous in Egypt because he ended the Egyptian internal crisis, and made Egypt one of the major nations on the server.

He was temporary banned for one month starting September 16 2017.

After his unban, the congress of Egypt decided to disband Cairo and move to space (The end)

In space, he devepolved a great retirement town called Memphis, and started to colonize the overworld.

November 25 marked the death of TheWalkingKing and Egypt when he got permanently banned again and decided not to appeal.

Rest In Peace and Fuck shit


  • Joined the server on June 18
  • Joined PineAppleHaven
  • Creation of the town WalkingKing
  • The town WalkingKing changed name to Golden State
  • Battles against Israeli town Cairo
  • Creation of Egypt Coalition
  • Creation of Egypt, making TheWalkingKing co-leader
  • Rise of Golden State
  • Fall of Giza, TheWalkingKing becomes temporary Pharaoh of Egypt
  • Fall of Golden State
  • Fall of First Kingdom of Egypt
  • Birth of Second Kingdom of Egypt
  • Birth of New Cairo
  • TheWalkingKing becomes official Pharaoh of Egypt
  • Egyptian mass population growth
  • Internal conflicts in Egypt ends
  • Egypt - Globalism diplomatic conflicts
  • TheWalkingKing banned on September 16
  • TheWalkingKing unbanned on October 16
  • Fall of Seond Kingdom of Egypt
  • Fall of Cairo
  • Birth of Third Kingdom of Egypt
  • Egypt moves to space
  • Egypt colonizes the overworld
  • TheWalkingKing permanently banned for X-ray
  • Official Fall of Egypt
  • Death of TheWalkingKing