The Inca Empire (Classic)

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The Inca Empire

The Inca empire is a country located in the Andes mountain range, it consists of La_Paz Carrasco, Arequipa, Machu_Picchu Cuzco and Antofagasta, the capital. it peacefully gained independence from Spain on the 13th of May 2018 and became a protectorate of Spain. The national religion is Inca-Llamaism.


The Inca Empire was a nation before Antofagasta joined Spain, but it fell into ruin, having it's only town: Antofagasta join Spain, but it later revived peacefully gaining independence from Spain becoming a protectorate.


The era of Patience

  • (13 May 2018) The Inca Empire official separated from The Spanish Empire becoming a protectorate of Spain. But the celebration quickly comes to a stop after they find out a treaty that Manco Capac, the mayor of Carrasco has signed with Global Empire after a small scuffle with Carrasco Not long before the independence that stops Carrasco from getting orders from the Spanish Empire, getting The Spanish Empire and Global Empire in a scuffle with The Inca Empire in between after Spain demands The Inca Empire not to ally with Global Empire.
  • (18 May 2018) The town of Nazca gets greated and joines the Inca Empire.
  • (18 May 2018) Battle of Nazca.
  • (23 May 2018) The Inca Empire votes on an official Inca Empire flag.
  • (25 May 2018) Carrasco briefly leaves the nation but is quickly reintegrated.
  • (26 May 2018) Nazca falls into ruin.

The era of Rebirth

  • (30 May 2018) The town of Arequipa gets created joins the(21 June 2018) nation on the ruins of Nazca.
  • (31 May 2018) The town of Cuzco joins the nation.
  • (6 June 2018) The first airport in the Inca Empire gets created
  • (7 June 2018) The nation of Biskupin gets formed north of The Inca Empire out of the town of Wroclaw, a town settled by ethnic Polish imigrants
  • (7 June 2018) Unified llamaists destroyed a llama statue located in the Inca empire.
  • (10 June 2018) The city of La Paz gets created and joines The Inca Empire
  • (19 June 2018) the town of Machu_Picchu gets created and joines The Inca Empire
  • (19 June 2018) Unified llamaists kidnap Carrasco llamas and kill them
  • (20 June 2018) The Inca Empire votes on creating a Democratic monarchy
  • (21 June 2018) Atahualpa dies whillest acidentaly eating a poisoness potatoe
  • (21 June 2018) Pope Pietje misteriously dies and his son Lllapu becomes the new pope
  • (22 June 2018) A giant Japanese outpost has been created between the towns of Carrasco and Antofagasta
  • (22 June 2018) Unified llamaists kidnapped and killed Carrasco llamas again
  • (1 July 2018) Topa Yupanqui wins the first democratic elections of the Inca Empire


  • Topa_Yupanqui (1 July 2018 - ... )

National Things

  • National religion: Inca Llamaism;
  • National Colors: Green and Gold;
  • National Animal: Llama;
  • National Food: Potato;
  • National Flower: Sunflower.


  • Pachacuti
  • Topa Yupanqui
  • MancoCapac
  • nits34
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  • Lord_Bwekfest
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