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The Justice League is an international organization dedicated to the betterment of Earth through various initiatives. These include, but are not limited to, helping small towns and nations build and grow, facilitating diplomatic discussion, contributing to public works projects (such as transportation networks and monuments), and engaging in wars for which the League determines to be a just cause. The League will be affiliated with several nations. Individual citizens can choose to join on their own accord and national governments can contract the League to assist them in a variety of capacities, some of which were mentioned previously. If conflicting nations or enemies both contract the League in a capacity that will harm the other, there will be an attempt to forge some kind of peace-making process, or the services to both will be terminated. This would mostly be the case in which two opposing countries ask the League to fight in a war.

League Membership

League membership will work on several levels. The first and highest-ranking level is that of the Founding Member, the first seven League members who assisted in building and creating the Justice League. The next level is that of a Full-Time Justice League Member. These are members who have a residence within the Watchtower or Metrotower and frequently participate in League missions. They need not be town residents. The last level is that of a Part-Timer. These are members who are a part of the Justice League, but choose to help out only occasionally and do not have a residence in the Watchtower or Metrotower. These members will still have permission to enter and work in the Watchtower and Metrotower.

Bases of Operations

The Inspiration for the JL Watchtower

The League’s main base of operations will be the Watchtower, a large satellite built in the airspace above the Shetland Islands in Britain. The Watchtower is a fully functional base with its own farms, residential quarters, shop, food area, lounge, and storage space. All League members will have access to the Watchtower. However, teleportation is restricted for only residents of the Shetlands; other League members will need to enter through the Javelin Bay entrance waterfall. The League’s second “on Earth” base will be the Metrotower. The location and details of it have yet to be established yet, but all League members and Part-Timers will have access to it.

League Administration and Decisions

Decisions made by the League follow a similar structure as the democratic voting process. Founding members will delegate whether or not a decision is worthy of a vote; if it is deemed necessary to put the issue to a vote, a Founding Member will write the proposal in the #voting chat. There, all League members (Full-Timers and Part-Timers) will proceed to vote to pass or reject the initiative. Decisions to help a nation will be conducted through the voting process. Actions by the League deemed to be of extreme importance by the Founding Members will be passed without the normal voting process through an executive action. While all League members have the ability to accept individual “contracts,” the League should be notified on Discord.

Official League missions will be determined and set by the Founding Members and will be delegated to League members. Missions can be assigned to individual members or groups of people, depending on the complexity of the task or the member’s expertise. For example, if a mission is in Africa, League members from African nations will typically be assigned such a mission.

Member Expectations

League members are international citizens and are expected to hold themselves to a high standard. It is strictly forbidden for League members to engage in illegal activity or use their influence and power to wrongfully and unjustly harm others. These include war crimes and attempting to initiate a war for profit, revenge, or other purposes. League members found participating in these activities or others that harms others and the reputation of the League will be swiftly terminated.

List of League Members

Founding Members:

CrazyMarCraft - 30 December 2020

RoseBrugs - 27 February 2021

Flotix_ - 27 February 2021

Justice League Members:

Seranil - 27 February 2021

sageblue -27 February 2021 (Contested)

Count Ena N. Emes - 27 February 2021

Dutch_Games - 02 March 2021

Umbreon (On Trail) - 02 March 2021

Darkness (On Trial) - 03 March 2021

Caeso - 05 March 2021

Ωmega Astra YT - 05 March 2021

FutureLemon - 04 March 2020

HZclone - 05 March 2021

13E666L13 - 05 March 2021

Colt_44_Magnum - 09 March 2021


__Joe - 27 February 2021

julianmexicochoppa - 27 February 2021

Sirta#1151 - 02 March 2021

Anything - 02 March 2021

Lucas2011 - 03 March 2021

Vital_YT - 03 March 2021

iRadd - 04 March 2021

ixi0N - 04 March 2021

FBI_Bro - 04 March 2021

vindvi - 05 March 2021

King Avacado#1410 - 06 March 2021 (INACTIVE)

KittensBoi06 - 06 March 2021

Jooey - 06 March 2021

𝕊𝕖𝕓𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕚𝟚 - 07 March 2021

Dizzy - 07 March 2021

SerGreek - 07 March 2021

Rev - 08 March 2021

sirenderboy - 08 March 2021

AtaNotFound - 10 March 2021

Darth Leviathan - 19 March 2021