The Polar Bear Crisis

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Template:Infobox eventOn 5/19/2019, the queue of the server went offline and after a few hours, less than 80 people were online the server. Rumors of mobs spawning started surfacing and many people started asking for polar bears, including King Skylordvoxaco of the Philippines. After none of the polar bears could be found, Shiraz decided to spawn in three polar bears. After the Polar bears were finally found, Icicalities, Hulk00, and ARKAS_KING decided to take the polar bears back to Central-Elyria. After a lot of debating, it was decided that two of the polar bears would stay in an international polar bear exhibit in Central-Elyria, while the other polar bear would go to Imperial-Japan. However, this made King Skylordvoxaco angry as he didn't get a polar bear because people thought he didn't help with getting the polar bears.


A player going by the name of Roflkid stole 2 of Ellsworth polar bears Who then moved them to his ocean storage room. Roflkid then spammed chat that he was selling polar bears. It was suspected at the time that Roflkid sold all of the stolen bears to the Philippines. It was soon found out after that a player named FrozenPotato killed Roflkid who then stole a bear from him. It is also suspected that Death got a polar bear from killing Roflkid Eventually one of the stolen polar bears was found, but without any other choice, Ellsworth choose to try and kill it. During the search for the lost polar bears, Zetrapz and Wilabum went to Carolina to look for them. While they were there Death the leader of Carolina attacked and killed Zetrapz for being in his town. After this Death yelled in the chat over them being in his town then in his rage he went to war with Ellsworth. Ellsworth at that point made a group of nations take down Carolina and their allies.


A few nations became enemies in the process to Ellsworth, and have put the blame on the nation, this caused tension between Ellsworth and the other nations. But luckily for Ellsworth, a person from Madagascar heard about the stolen Polar Bears and decised to give Ellsworth 2 of his. Skylordvoxaco's Polar Bear was killed in the fall of Manila.