The Rondillax Investment Corporation

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Template:Rondillaxinvestissment The Rondillax investment corporation is one of the biggest private companies on EMC.

It is based in Francia and was founded by ItsTheBeast and Yasna08 in April 2021 and the Director of Architecture is Nutsuko. This company helps players to :

- Buy (even in big quantity) materials or items

- Sell their rare items

- Find a job as : Farmer/ Miner/ Builder (they need to have litematica) and make some gold

- Borrow gold or open a savings account (Rondillax Investment Bank)

- Order a custom map art


The main shop of the company is based in the actual /N spawn Francia, in the town of Nice.

It’s a 4 double floors building with almost 200 items for sale such as ores, building blocks, food and map arts.

Shop of Rondillax Investissment Corporation


The most important part of the society is fully managed on their discord which is : Main Discord Server

Players will be able to open a buying /selling/ job application ticket, check the news on the announcement channel or even just discuss in the forum channel.