The WesternChina War

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The WesternChina War

Declaration of War

Template:WarThe WesternChina War(The Bactria-Western Regions War) was a war caused by Bactria since the establishment of Anxi on May 24 2019. It is caused by Bactria since Bactria wanted to occupy Xinjiang region and prevent Chinese players from controlling Xinjiang at the same time.



Western Development Group



About AnXi major

The player ToxicHolic joined EMC on 20/05/19 and was killed the next day by Mining_Tzar in Central Mongolia for the 32 gold he had in his inventory. While most players would stop playing on EMC after such a setback, ToxicHolic preceeded to try to gather gold to make a city even after being killed by LeftArm0fExodia on 28/05/19.



The Western Regions is a country founded by Chinese players. The reason for the establishment of the Western Regions is that Chinese players want to gain control of Xinjiang, and prevent Bactria from harassing Qin’s border and killing innocent Chinese players, and the most importantly, prevent Bactria from getting Xinjiang. Therefore, ToxicHolic and MicroXiong proposed the strategy of "Western Development", and soon ToxicHolic established Anxi, and later found that Bactria was trying to occupy Xinjiang.

Bactrian claimed that Xinjiang was the territory of Bactria and threatened ToxicHolic to leave Xinjiang immediately.

The king of Bactria claimed that Xinjiang was the territory of Bactria and threatened ToxicHolic to leave Xinjiang immediately. Therefore, MicroXiong asked Qin for aid, hoping to get protected. Qin Emperor thought that Bactria was weak, so Qin did not offer any help. Meanwhile, the king of Bactria believed that Anxi is a city of Qin due to this action. Until the moment of Anxi established the Western Region, the king of Bactria still asked Anxi to leave Qin and join Bactria.

After that, Bactria

bactria chose war,no anxi

has been trying to attack players who joined Anxi. On May 28th, king of Bactria killed the player who joined Anxi for the first time. Since then, he has been trying to kill other players who joined Anxi, but rarely succeeded.




No any Chinese nation has signed any treaty about the souvernty of Xinjiang with Bactria, so Bactria's claim is invalid.If no Chinese Nation sign a treaty with bactria about Xinjiang, then bactria’s claim is invalid.

但是值得註意的是,任何一個Chinese nation都沒有和bactria簽訂過任何有關新疆的條約,所以新疆並不是bactria的。



  • Before the establishment of Anxi Town and the establishment of the Western Regions, Bactria's attitude toward Anxi was flucturated. From the very beginning, Anxi had always been threatened when it was very weak, and was asked to disband. When Anxi became stronger, Bactria began to persuade Anxi to join them. After the establishment of the Western Regions, the Bactrian government began to declare war to Western Regions.
  • 從安西鎮成立到西域都護府成立之前,bactria對安西的態度發生了360°的轉變。從最開始安西剛剛建立城鎮十分虛弱的時候就一直威脅安西並且要求解散安西,到安西逐漸強大起來的時候開始勸降,西域都護府成立之後又開始宣戰,可謂是三百六十度大轉彎。
  • the leader of Western Regions ToxicHolic was attacked and killed several times by Mining_Tzar, however he only had sand and tools on him.
  • No Chinese nation has signed any treaty about the souvernty of Xinjiang with Bactria, so Bactria's claim is invalid.
  • If no Chinese Nation and bactria sign a treaty about Xinjiang, then bactria’s claim is invalid.
  • The first respond after Qin Emperor knew that king of Bactria threatened Anxi was: "Bactria is weak"
  • 秦皇帝知道bactria國王威脅安西之後的第一句話是:"bactria is weak(Bactria就一垃圾) "
  • King of Bactria tried to kill Cheese_Jazz several times, only succeeded once, and that was by the help of a stealth potion
  • bactria國王嘗試殺死Cheese_Jazz數次,只有一次成功,並且是在喝了隱身藥水的情況下成功刺殺Cheese_Jazz的
  • King of Bactria once disconnected on the way of riding a horse in an attempt to attack Anxi. The horse stayed at the place where the king of Bactria disconnected and was discovered and taken away by the players who joined Anxi.
  • bactria國王在騎馬企圖襲擊安西的路上掉線了,馬留了下來,被加入安西的玩家發現並且收走
  • Kaiser_Erika disconnected(time out) from the server while he PVP with Mining_Tzar,so he was killed in the end. His shield is now in display in the Bactrian museum.

the writer said:

I don't know if Bacteria is just kidding or not. Their king was insulting Chinese while inviting a town founded by Chinese at the same time. I just want to ask him "Are you alright?"



  • 27/09/19,The Bactria's King AeroFury and WesternRegions‘ Leader MokoBear started discuss about peace. have become peaceful


  • Until now, there is no treaty in force.

Aftermath & Casualties

AnXi: 3 be killed

Bactria: A horse

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