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Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It was previously ran by Lucas2011 and Brooklyn_Tony198. Right now it's mostly Minehero43 current emporor of Japan that run's Tokyo.

Modern History

Japan has gone through 3 modern eras in its current history. These are listed as oldest to newest.

Salvation Era

Tokyo was remade by ZeeMan_. Lucas2011 regained control of Tokyo and took command of modern Japan.

Reconstruction Era

After Lucas2011 reacquired Tokyo, he and Brooklyn_Tony198 started restoring and rebuilding the city. The palace was restored, and some other buildings either rebuilt or torn down. This lasted until around the beginning of May, when Tokyo started it's rapid expansion.

Expansion Era

Brooklyn_Tony198 and Lucas2011 started it's rapid expansion in an attempt to try and bring Tokyo to it's former glory. It has recruited many new members and is growing and rebuilding at a healthy rate.

Old History

Tokyo was originally run by Lucas2011, who left to run Perce in Canada.

Tokyo was a brilliant town at this period. It was the capital of Japan and expanding slowly but surely. Sadly, it all went inactive when Lucas2011 left Tokyo and handed power to Dakrend_Ale, who went inactive until only recently returning to the server. Old Tokyo fell on December 12, 2017.

As a result Alania claimed an outpost there to stop griefs from players (notably GUI66). Appadeia got angry at this and threatened Alania with the Treaty of Osaka. Then, a citizen of Osaka, ExpertMammal, griefed Tokyo with fire, and was somehow not banned. Appadeia then finally put an outpost in Tokyo. But on December 21, 2017, Appadeia started blowing up Tokyo, saying he was 'clearing his land' while the rest on the world called it griefing.

The Alanian colony of Japan-Nippon and Oliveer of Austrian_Empire attempted to rebuild Tokyo but failed. They both claimed outposts to stop griefs after the collapse of the 3rd Japan. These outposts were unclaimed when a strong and stable Tokyo under ZeeMan_ (changed name to BtwItzVortex) emerged.