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Trotskygrad is located in the north of Greater Finland.

The city was founded on 20/06/2019 by a supporter of a Lev Trotsky named Tr0tskist. Its been build by Tr0tskist for the people with the views of Marxism, Leninism and Trotskyism who did not agree with the line of the party of Soviet Russia, they goal been build commune on the principle of communism. After diplomatic treaties, the city was annexed to Great Finland and is currently a gold mining colony, working as a base of operations for Finnish citizens looking to dig gold from under the northern seas.


The economy of the city rests on gold mining and processing of gold and on the cultivation of potatoes.

Political affiliation

The city has a communist regime in the style of a commune which consists mainly of ideological communists and anti-revisionists, and the commune consists of three groups of Marxists, Trotskyists and Leninists. The most important of them are Trotskyists because the founder is Trotskyist


The government acts on the principles of the Soviet Republic where the party of councils to rule the city. The party includes workers 'and soldiers' deputies and councils of people's deputies and there is no head of the city and the chairmen of the presidium of the Supreme Council of Trotskygrad.


Several buildings have been built in the city. Statue of Sickle and Hammer and Statue of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

List of Citizen

  • Tr0tskyist founder and the Mayor of the Trotskygrad and founder of Marxist Party of Greater Finland.