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The nation of Union States is located on the continent of North America, Specifically in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area . It's capital and only city/town so far is Washington D.C., where the famous governmental buildings and the various monuments for which the city is also known for are also located. Alongside this, the nation is also a member within the United States super nation, wherein the nations of New Jersey, America, and New York are also members.


Flag of the Union States


Early Period

The lands where the Union States occupies has had a long History, Nations from the first USA to Maryland have owned or controlled it at some point in time. For much of 2018, Washington DC was owned by the USA with it acting as its capitol and it remained that way until it dissolved. After some time the land would come to be owned by the town of Arlington which was owned by the player DashSlayer25. Over time Dash would expand the town's building count and area within the subsequent weeks and months.

Virginia-New York War

During this period in 2019, Arlington was apart of the nation of Virginia, which found itself at war with the nation of New York. The War caused some tensions to be high between the two nations and it was at this time that the Wall Street the Sheep event occurred. A player named Dr_C00LBEANS wanted to make a flag shop in the town of Arlington but sheep did not spawn much so this fact prevented him for a while, that was until he had the idea of stealing a Sheep from New York and bringing to Arlington. C00LBEANS managed to push a sheep, which he would name Wall-Street, out to a chunk that was unclaimed by New York and put Wall-Street on a boat and brought him to Arlington. But tragedy struck when C00LBEANS tried to push Wall-Street up the stairs by punching it and this act unfortunately killed the innocent sheep. His grave is next to C00LBEANS house in Arlington